Friday, July 02, 2010

Camera Comparison

I've been curious how a "nice" or "fancy" camera (my word for an SLR since I don't really know anything about photography) would compare with our little point-and-shoot. Now that I've received my Rebel for my birthday, here's the verdict:

(Canon Powershot on the left, Canon Rebel XS on the right.)

Crisper edges, clearer focus, brighter colors. I'm so excited!


mmr said...

Just wait until you learn about depth of field! I would love to teach you some tips one day if you want. Congrats on the new camera!!

SpeasHill said...

Um, I want your camera. Let me know if you are ready to upgrade again. ;)

Katie Bug said...

Isn't it amazing? I stick with the automatic setting, but my pics still come out 1,000 times better than they did with my point and shoot.
Jer uses manual settings, so his shots are even better than mine. Maybe I'll learn some day.


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