Thursday, July 01, 2010

Becca's Elmo Birthday Party

Last Saturday, we went to our friend Becca's second birthday party. She and Kate are "BFFs" and enjoyed reading Elmo books together.
After all, it was an Elmo themed party. Becca LOVES Elmo. She can say his name, and her parents even have to spell out his name if they don't want to get her too excited.

 Cookie Monster brought the goodies, though. Om-nom-nom-nom. Cookies!!

 Becca got a special Elmo-decorated cookie with her two candles in it.

 Becca didn't eat him, but got pretty excited!

The kiddos (and there were more there than just Kate and Becca--but they were the focus of my photography) enjoyed climbing up the stairs to the playroom...

Where there was this awesome slide with a steering wheel at the top. Fun fun!

And just before Becca conked out for her nap, she opened presents--many of which were Elmo themed. Kate brought her buddy some Play-Doh, since it's good for Becca's sensory therapy.

You may recall from earlier posts that Becca was born VERY prematurely, and she still struggles to gain wait sufficiently. She is spending this week in the hospital for various gastro-tests. I hope they can get to the bottom of things, so that Becca can grow and Supermom Nancy won't have to stress as much about Becca's calorie intake! Check out their blog here.

Happy birthday, Becca!

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SpeasHill said...

And guess which present we brought to the hospital? Playdough, of course! I love this post (of course!), and thanks for the photos!


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