Monday, June 28, 2010

That Jessica

After Jessica Turner (scrapbooker extraordinaire at The Mom Creative) challenged her readers--and my friend Maria challenged me personally--to create a scrapbook page not about kids or family stuff but about MYSELF, I felt motivated to give it a try.

I ordered a few prints of my "head shots"--some pics I had Matt snap of me back in Fall 2007--and figured I would do an "about me" sort of page, with a list of fun facts about myself, my interests, my passions, etc. The pics and papers sat around for a few weeks, as I created other pages about baby showers and Kate's latest milestones.

After a particularly empowering day at work today, however, I found myself reciting something my paternal grandmother (Granny, who died in '02--not Nana, who died this month) often said whenever my dad would tell her about my recent accomplishments in school or on the sports field.
"That Jessica, she can do ANYTHING."

It has become somewhat of a mantra for me, patting myself on the back when something goes well, or revving myself up when facing a challenge. She believed in me--and my father, uncle, and cousins--always thinking the best of us and bursting with pride at our accomplishments.

The journaling is about how I hear Granny's affirmation in my head, sassily repeat it to myself, and feel so proud when I think of certain things I've accomplished, goals I've set and achieved.

It's a mantra and a vote of confidence I hope to pass down to Kate. "That Kate, she can do anything!" Granny would be just beside herself, seeing everything Kate does. I love Kate's tenacity, and hope she knows her daddy and I (and all her grandparents) believe in her the way my Granny believed in me.

I have an "easy button" on my desk that I hit when I get good news in an e-mail or tick something major off my to-do list. . . but Granny's affirmation is way better.


mmr said...

LOVE it!!
want to have coffee this week?

Katie Bug said...

This is so sweet! I love that you were so close to your grandparents.


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