Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Project Life (May 31-June 6)

Monday 5/31: Memorial Day! Most of our holiday weekend fun had been on Saturday and Sunday, but we did pull out the inflatable backyard pool on Monday to enjoy the sunny weather and my day off work. I wish you could see it better in this picture, but Kate's diaper got so waterlogged that she was walking around with this major badonkadonk butt that was actually throwing her off balance! It was hilarious. When we went inside, I actually weighed the thing, and the diaper weighed three pounds. I think I better invest in some swim diapers.

Tuesday 6/1: In Kate's classroom at school, the teachers made a tree for the wall that has each child's name and a sort of "class superlative" on it. Kate's was "the singer," because she often babbles in a tonal way that really sounds like humming or random singing. She often does this when going to sleep or waking up. She just lays in the crib and sings to herself. I guess she does the same at school when napping on her cot. 
Wednesday 6/2: We got a big Diapers.com order, and Kate and I played in the box for a while. Ok, it was mostly me playing in the box and trying to lure her into playing in the box with me, but she loves it when I'm silly, so that works!
Thursday 6/3: Marcel and Bunny have been donning diapers for a few weeks now. It started because I found these Size 2s that Kate has outgrown and didn't just want to throw them away, but I also hope it raises her awareness of the concept of "wearing a diaper," since understanding that one is going to the bathroom in a diaper is a crucial precursor to potty training.
Friday 6/4: Kate will climb on anything that will hold still. Though she has two actual stools in her room, this old coffee can (covered in wrapping paper to make it pretty) is closer to the shelf, so she's been climbing on it to mess with the stuff on top of her bookshelf. Nothing is safe. Nothing.
Saturday 6/5: We tried to go down to the Cheatham County Dam area to swim at the "beach" but it was still closed due to flood damage. So, we took our picnic to the park instead, played on the playground, and then came home to play in a makeshift water table--a play table with the electronic, musical top part taken off. Kate loves the water table at school, and she had lots of fun with this one at home too.

Sunday 6/6: It was the most beautiful early-summer night. We took a walk around the neighborhood in the late afternoon, then Kate and I played outside while Daddy cooked dinner (he rocks!). We ate dinner outside, and then after putting Kate to bed, Matt and I went back outside to read and chat until it became too dusky to read the words on the page.

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