Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Project Life (May 24-30)

Monday 5/24: Since we're keeping Kate's paci clipped to Raffi for bedtime and naptime only now, sometimes Kate will pull her little giraffe lovey, Raffi (and "big Raffi," the pink one) out of her crib once she's in her jammies and carry them around as she plays a little more before bedtime. This evening, she carried them out to the kitchen and then laid down on them, evidently tired and ready for bed.
Tuesday 5/25: Now that our stash of frozen breast milk is gone, Kate is on whole milk. I decided to use organic milk for her--even though I am typically not all that conscientious about "organic" or "hormone-free" or "free range" or whatnot--because I have heard that all the hormones given to cows end up in our milk and meat and that is what has been causing kids to go through puberty at younger ages. I figure since we have to buy whole milk just for her anyway, might as well get the organic kind that won't give her extra hormones, and the Omega-3 kind with tilapia in it for extra brain development while we're at it.
Wednesday 5/26: I bought this Fisher-Price Animal Train toy at a consignment sale when Kate was just a couple months old, and it's been in the garage ever since, just waiting for the day she'd be old enough for it. She loves musical toys, and we've got a lot of giraffes and monkeys around her room, so she is really enjoying it. She can even make "ooh ooh ooh" monkey noises. I posted a video of her playing with this (and saying her first word--"cheese") the other day.
Thursday 5/27: Babyproofing 1, Parents 0. We decided to start locking the oven the other day, since Kate is capable of pulling the dishwasher open when it isn't fully latched and we worried she would do the same with the oven. So, I started preheating the oven to cook some sweet potatoes for dinner, and couldn't get the door unlatched the put the dish in. I started fussing about it, and called Matt in to give it a try, and he couldn't get it open either, and we were really getting frustrated with it until I finally said "maybe it doesn't unlock while it's on," and turned the oven off. It promptly unlocked and opened then, so I was able to cook dinner, but that doesn't solve the issue of being able to lock the oven when it's on, hot and unsafe for little hands!

Friday 5/28: Our friend Maria came up to spend the night with us before a big bike ride in Clarksville the next day (the CRAM--100K!) After Kate went to bed, she and I went out for a great dinner at Olive Garden (carbing up!) and stayed up until 2 am, talking and laughing hysterically. (I usually go to bed before 10:00, so this was like being in college again, only I had to get up at 6 am with an early-rising toddler!)
Saturday 5/29: Matt had a "college-flashback" experience this week as well when he went to our friend Chris' bachelor party on Thursday night. Chris and Anna Russell's wedding was Saturday, and it was just beautiful. We had so much fun reconnecting with our div school friends and celebrating this great couple. (Full report on the wedding here!)
Sunday 5/30: After spending the night in a hotel, we picked Kate up at Matt's parents' house and we all went to the zoo for the afternoon. The whole day (covered in the same post as the wedding) was so much fun, but a personal highlight for me was riding the carousel with Kate. I tried to sit on the baby-monkey character with her, but the ride operator told me "only one person to an animal" so I had to stand next to her, and then just hold her when she got anxious riding the monkey by herself.

Check out other people's Project Life posts at The Mom Creative, and especially take a look at the video of her toddler son and nephew playing together. It's adorable! Have a great week, everybody!


Katie Bug said...

My favorite added bonus about organic milk is that it's good for so much longer than regular milk (if you buy it in the cardboard carton).
We have a similar problem with our oven...it doesn't make sense to me at all! Ours will work if we only pull the lock halfway, though.
Your friend's wedding was beautiful!

Susan said...

Great shots, looked like you guys had a great week!!


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