Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Project Life (June 21-27)

Monday 6/21: This week is "Spirit Week" at day care. Just like I remember from middle school it featured "Hat Day" and "Pajama Day" and other fun, silly stuff. Monday was "Crazy Hair Day," so I determined to give Kate as many ponytails as she would tolerate. She usually starts screaming with the first one, and I'm chasing her across the floor on my knees to do the second one. I managed to get four on her this day, but one came out before we even walked in her classroom. The best kid I saw was a little boy with hardly any hair, but his scalp had been painted blue!

Tuesday 6/22: This week is Vacation Bible School at church. Since our building burned to the ground last summer, we collaborated with another church nearby and held the activities at their facility. The theme was "High Seas Adventure," thus the sailor caps these kids are modeling! Kate joined in on the fun on her Daddy-Daughter-Days (Tuesdays and Thursdays, when she's not in day care).

 Wednesday 6/23: A sweet woman who had been part of our congregation and recently moved away sent Kate this adorable ballerina outfit! Her sister makes the tutus, and she included a leotard, leggings, and slippers! So precious--thank you, Cindie!

 Thursday 6/24: Kate hung out at VBS with Daddy today, and didn't get jealous when he held baby Annelise at the same time!

Friday 6/25: I only asked for one thing from Matt and both sets of parents for my birthday this year: a "fancy" camera--the Canon Rebel XS. Though my birthday is not until July 4, Matt wanted to give it to me early so I could be practicing before our big family vacation next week. I love it--it is so fun to use, and the images are so sharp, it's like putting on glasses after going without!

Saturday 6/26: We went to Becca Hill's 2nd birthday party today! It had an Elmo theme, and we had so much fun playing with the other kiddos (and all of Becca's toys!) and Matt got to reconnect with several BHS band-mates he hadn't seen in about ten years! (and I got to play with my new camera!)

Sunday 6/27: Inspired by Becca's wide array of Little People toys, I decided to break out this little playset (not Little People, but Clickeroos) that I'd had in the top of our closet since before Christmas. It's for ages 18+ months, and Kate will be 17 months tommorrow. She loved it, squealing and running around with the little animals in each hand. It's a jungle safari playset, so I call the two little people "Stanley" and "Livingstone." Here's Dr. Livingstone, driving a tiger (in Africa?) around in the back of his jeep. And yes, that's a see-saw for jungle animals. Interesting.

What's big in your life this week?


SpeasHill said...

Yay! We made the Project Life post! ;) The shots with the new camera do look particularly fabulous!

Sonya said...

Our VBS theme was also High Seas Expedition! It was really popular in our area! I keep looking at the same camera you got as a gift! I'm thinking it would make a good starter while I learn to use it and then I can upgrade down the road!

Katie Bug said...

Your pics with the new camera look great!


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