Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Project Life (Chill Edition)

Matt confessed to me this past week that my constant cries of "ooh! I need this pic for Project Life!" were getting a little excessive. Frankly, I agreed, and vowed to "chill out" for the following week. I chose not to stress about taking a particular photo each day, but just pulled the camera out when it felt natural to do so.

So, for this one week, I'm going to break with the daily pic-and-description custom, and bring you instead a snapshot of our week in collage form. My life at work has been crazy-busy lately, but our life at home has been full of summertime fun. Highlights included playing outside, and learning to climb up one side of the sofa, across it, and onto the end table on the other side. We also had a lot of water fun, with Kate enjoying water day at school (it was actually a Daddy-Daughter-Day, but Daddy took her in so she could enjoy this with her friends) and going to a birthday pool-party for the daughter of a woman I work with.


For the full list of Project Lifers who are playing by the rules, visit The Mom Creative!
Next week, I'll get back to my daily pics, but for now, consider this a free pass for you to "chill out" about something this week too!


Katie Bug said...

The picture of all the kids wearing their bathing suits and looking out the window is too cute!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

I like that picture too--especially the boy with the vacuum cleaner!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to keep yourself from stressing. Cute photos.


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