Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Podcasting McLaren's New Book

In spring 2009, Matt convinced me to start podcasting with him on his Truth As Best I Know It podcast. I say "convinced" because I get very nervous about public speaking (I much prefer writing my thoughts down, where I have the chance to edit them before sharing!) and I fought him every step of the way, postponing every episode, etc. We did do a few posts together, though, about theology, religion & culture, etc., and you can listen to those at the link above if you like.

Fortunately (???) after the church burned down last July, Matt had way too much on his plate to worry about pressuring me into podcasting, so it fell by the wayside.

Matt had the great idea a few weeks ago, though, for us to read and podcast about Brian McLaren's new book A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith. And believe it or not, I agreed and am even kind of excited about it! So, we're going to be doing that this summer, like a little book club, so if you have already read or are considering reading the book, or want to hear about the issues without actually reading it, we hope you'll check it out. Love him or hate him, McLaren always makes you think!

We recorded our introduction last night, so pop over to Podbean and have a listen!


Matt Kelley said...

you can also subscribe on iTunes. there's a link on my page: http://matthewlkelley.blogspot.com

Melody said...

This is awesome you guys! I love this alternative to get an overall idea of the book. McLaren definately makes you think!


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