Saturday, June 05, 2010

Day in the Life

Despite my pangs of conscience about putting down the camera more, a week or so ago I decided to tote the thing with me all day long to do a "day in the life" spread for the scrapbook. Project Life definitely helps a person notice and cherish the ordinary things of life, but still one tends to choose THE highlight of the day for that day's photo. By documenting an ordinary day in my life right now, I was able to capture the tiniest things that I may forget--and definitely don't want to.

Things like Kate "painting" my toenails with blush. (She loves to play with my makeup in the morning while I'm getting dressed, and I think it's awesome how she realized "hmm... Mommy's toenails are red. This stuff I'm playing with is kind of red. Maybe this is how they got that way!")

Things like what radio station I listen to on my commute (POTUS political talk on XM).
(photo taken in the parking lot, I promise)


 Things like the current price of gas. This is a time capsule, in a way!

I used the divided Project Life page protectors to include as many pictures and captions as I could--in an orderly fashion!

A friend and I were recently looking back at some of my scrapbooks from several years ago, and I used to try to squeeze tons of pictures and comments onto one page, sort of collage-style, and it was so cluttered and crazy. Now I keep most pages simpler, but these divided pages help me to include more things in a neat and clean way.

For my work day, I mainly used screen captures from my computer, since I'm staring at a screen most of the day! My Outlook calendar, my iGoogle home page, posting that (work-related!) Rethink Church video on the blog, etc. I also pulled up to capture the big news of the day--the BP oil disaster, of course.

This was a really fun exercise, and a definite time capsule of what life was like for me back in May 2010.

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tearzamariebaggett said...

regarding your comment- we actually started cereal in may. she was about 3 1/2 months. she loves it! so we're starting the good stuff this coming week. she has her check up on wed so we're going to check in with the doc to confirm.

and i will gladly take those items off your hands if you like. :)

did you ever switch dr.'s?? dr moore is the man!!!


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