Saturday, May 01, 2010

Twin Baby Shower Pics!

Today, I'm buzzing around getting ready for our Derby party this afternoon. (being from Louisville, I LOVE to celebrate Derby, no matter where I live). But before this party is in full swing, I want to share more pics from last week's party--the baby shower my MIL and I threw for our cousin in Chicago!
Matt's cousin Christopher and his wife Viktoria are having twins--a boy and a girl--and we are all so excited for them.  My MIL ordered this gorgeous cake to match the napkins (see the plates and napkins in the corner?) and she decorated these adorable cookies in the shapes of onesies, bibs, duckies, etc. They were so cute. My diaper cake was on display, alongside the champagne (I'd always worried it was insensitive to an abstaining mom-to-be to have alcohol at the shower, but her hubby bought it, so wahoo!)

My SIL Alexis flew in from Princeton for the event, so that was awesome. She and I are both only children, so it is fun to have a sister. We even share a sister-brain, it seems, since we dressed in perfect coordination (of course, that's partially because we both love Ann Taylor LOFT and this shade of purple was a featured color for them several months ago).
We played a couple games--unscramble the letters to form baby gear words (e.g.: IBB=BIB and FRIPECIA=PACIFIER), and a baby trivia game with questions like "How much does two years worth of diapers cost per baby?" (answer: $7300) and "What were the most popular boys names in the 2000s?" (answer: Jacob, Joshua, and Michael).

The guys didn't feel compelled to participate :0)
Then, the parents-to-be opened their gifts--two of everything, in pink and blue!

Congratulations, Christopher and Viktoria! We can't wait to welcome your little double-bundles of joy!


Rachel H. Evans said...

Love the cake! You two should be featured in a Martha Stewart mag. Looks like a beautiful shower.

Katie Bug said...

Beautiful shower! That cake is incredible. My jaw almost dropped when I saw the bookcases behind the mother-to-be, though. What an impressive collection!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Oh, I know! I dream of having floor-to-ceiling bookshelves one day!

Anonymous said...

It was an absolutely incredible shower! No detail was overlooked. I kept the diaper cake for over a month after the shower! Great work :) Thank you Jessica!!!
It took me months of convincing my dear husband that his first addition books will be just fine on IKEA bookshelves :)

viktoria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
viktoria said...

sorry the spell check got it wrong - it's First Edition books :)


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