Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Toddler-Art Mother's Day Cards

This post features Mother's Day cards for Kate's grandmothers and great-grandmothers, so grandmas, don't read this post too closely! (I would wait til next week to post it, but I want to put this idea out there for the borrowing!)

Kate has finally gotten into coloring. I put Tadoodles (little marker-balls made for toddlers) in her Christmas stocking, and while she had some interest in putting them in her mouth, putting ink to paper was apparently beyond her ken. When she moved up to the one-year-old room at day care, they colored a lot, but Kate's "drawings" came home mostly blank. She got crayons for Easter, though, and while she mainly taps them on the paper, making lots of dots (maybe she's a pointillist?) she's finally gotten the hang of making longer strokes of color. Yay!

I wanted to have Kate decorate some cards for Mother's Day, but felt kind of bored by the idea of just folding the construction paper in half, writing "Happy Mother's Day," and letting her scribble on it. So, I let Kate take the lead by coloring as she wished, and then creating the card around her "art."

The first sheet, she colored mainly with black and yellow, so I pasted it on yellow paper and made a little bumble-bee embellishment. After that, I took away the black crayon (try not to read anything psychologically into that about me or her!) and she made more colorful drawings that I embellished with flowers and fruit.
I hope these will make special keepsakes for the grandmothers, showcasing Kate's art while setting it apart from the countless other scribbles that will doubtlessly grace our refrigerators in the coming years. I need to be making a mental (or actual!) file of kid gift ideas to use over the next decade, but on the fly, this works for me!

What do you have your kids give their grandparents for holidays?


Katie Bug said...

Those cards a great! Jer and I debated on whether or not Katelyn should give our moms a Mother's Day gift. We decided Mother's Day gifts will come from the two of us, and she'll give gifts on G'Parent's day.

Amy said...

This is SUCH a cute idea! They look amazing!!

(She likes black because she knows it's slimming and sophisticated Mommy!)

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Thanks! I love wearing black too, but there was just something disturbing about her stabbing the paper with a black crayon over and over. I worried what an art therapist might say!

I let her color on a box later and she seemed to prefer the black crayon then too!


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