Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Project Life (May 3-9)

Monday 5/3: I put together a box of newborn items for NICU families (a drive organized by Kristen Welch of We Are That Family), and Kate had the great idea to color on the box, adding her own little pick-me-up for families in need. (The box has subsequently sat in my car for a week--Kristen, I'm mailing it today!)
Tuesday 5/4: At lunchtime, I took a little walk around downtown to check the status of the floodwaters down by the river. This was 2nd St. near the pedestrian bridge. I'm not totally sure if the water has receded/evaporated from this area yet or not.
Wednesday 5/5: Kate wore a really cute new dress I found on consignment, and I happened to wear turquoise as well that day.
Thursday 5/6: I took Kate for a walk around the neighborhood after work. She likes to look up at me every now and then as we stroll--just checking to make sure I'm still there, I guess!
Friday 5/7: This morning they had "Muffins with Mommy" at Kate's school. It was fun to hang out with her and other kids and moms in her class. That afternoon they had their "spring production," in which all the classes sang songs and stuff. I actually couldn't go since I had something after work and I work an hour away from home and day care, but Matt went to the show and blogged about it here (including a post-show interview with one of the stars, Miss Kate Kelley).
Saturday 5/8: I went to help with flood cleanup near the river in Clarksville, and spent my time helping salvage inventory at this family-owned hardware store. Soldiers from the base had come the day before and helped haul all the nasty stuff out into the parking lot in front of the store, where the store owners, their friends, and other volunteers helped separate the trash from the to-be-discounted merchandise. My task was to clean metal tools and hardware, swishing them around in a trash can of bleach-water and then scrubbing the dried mud off. (More pics of this and other events of my Mother's Day weekend here.)
Sunday 5/9: Mother's Day! My favorite part of the day was our now-traditional mommy-daughter Mother's Day Starbucks run before church. Kate was asleep when we got home from church, and though I kept both of us in our church-clothes until she woke up, she never would cooperate for a good photo. This was about the best I could get! Spending time with my little bear was the most important part, though, of course!
Bonus: I realized I didn't share in my Mother's Day post what my gift was--a new diaper bag! Our original one was mainly chosen for its unisex-style, since Matt would be carrying it too, but it was starting to fall apart, and Matt said it would not challenge his manhood to carry a pink diaper bag. So, I picked this stripey one by Gerber out and ordered it myself a couple weeks ago :0)
Thanks for visiting! As always, there's more Project Life where this came from over at The Mom Creative.


dawn said...

Kate is such a cutie. I love her dress you got at the consignment store. Pretty colors on both of you. I like that you are always in the pictures with & without her. Love the diaper bag, and great for the dad to carrry around too. I can't believe all that flooding, how awful for everyone. I think that's a great tradition on Mother's day with Kate, it would be a neat idea to take your picture there with her every year and keep it in a little mothers day album to look at how she changes over the years. Have a great week.

Delane said...

What a interesting group of pictures! The flood ones just make my heart break. I'm glad you could help with the clean up, what an awesome servant!

Bev said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of the flood. I just can't believe it, my heart is breaking too.

Katie Bug said...

We've got a box of premie clothes to send to We Are That Family sitting on our fireplace. My goal is to get it to the post office today, too.
I could handle a new diaper bag right about now. The one I have works, but it's really wide and the top doesn't have a closure. Maybe when I go back to work!


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