Monday, May 24, 2010

Project Life (May 17-23)

Monday 5/17: Kate loves to sit on the stool Popi made for her and play with her blocks. This night, we were playing like this when I said "it's almost jammie time, Kate." She promptly got up, walked into her room, and waited for me to put her up on the changing pad and put on her pajamas. So we put on her new heart jammies, then we went back to playing.

Tuesday 5/18: It was primary day in Kentucky, and my dad won his race for the Louisville Metro Council seat he's been campaigning for. We were so excited! It's a largely Republican district, so the primary was the toughest part, and he did it!

Wednesday 5/19: My friend Paula and I did "Art by the Glass" and painted these cool trees. It was lots of fun. For pics and explanation of the techniques used, read my post from the other day about it.

Thursday 5/20: Matt has been attending the Festival of Homiletics this week, which was held in Nashville, so no travel involved, but he did miss out on his "Daddy-Daughter-Days" as Kate stayed with Granna and Opa on her non-day-care days. She helped Granna do laundry, and was very proud of herself.

Friday 5/21: My boss is leaving us to become the executive director of SBL (the Society of Biblical Literature). It's quite prestigious and exciting for him, but we're going to miss him. His going-away party was this afternoon, and since he rides a motorcycle, we did a biker-themed party. Our colleague (who has done Sinatra and Elvis at other parties) dressed in full biker regalia and spoofed Steppenwolf, singing "Born to Be Mild." That's my boss in the blue.
Saturday 5/22: Kate and I made a whirlwind trip up to Louisville to see my parents. We played at the park and took a drive to see some horses. Too quick a trip, but we had fun, and my parents of course enjoyed seeing Kate.
Sunday 5/23: My trip was extra-quick because I had to drive back to Tennessee early Sunday morning to be at our church for Confirmation, since I was a mentor to one of the girls. Here are two of our sweet confirmands.
I wish I'd gotten a better pic of that cake. I might submit it to my favorite website ever--CakeWrecks. The cross was on edible photo-paper, the word "Congratulations" ran over onto the border, two of the three names were misspelled (but not in obvious ways, so I guess that's not so wrecky) and it was just plain ugly. If you've never looked at CakeWrecks, please, you must check it out. It is hilarious.

And also, if you didn't link over from there anyway, check out the host of Project Life Tuesday, The Mom Creative!


Katie Bug said...

Every time we go to the grocery store I check out the bakery in hopes of finding some reportable wreckage. I'm sure Jen could have come up with a clever caption to go along with your cake...even if it wasn't the wreckiest of them all!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

I do too. I saw a pretty ugly cupcake cake last week, but I've never seen anything too insane.

Rene' Sharp said...

Jessica your photos are fab this week! Congrats to your dad, and I love your art work. Stunning!

dawn said...

You have fun photos this week. Congratulations for your dad. I love love both paintings of the trees. You did a great job. I've always wanted to learn how to paint trees, the are my favorite things to see outside. have a good week.

K said...

Her new jammies are cute. I'm thinking she hasn't quite grasped the concept of "almost" yet! great photos :)


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