Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Project Life (Apr. 26-May 2)

Monday 4/26: Kate is learning to use utensils. She likes feeding herself yogurt with a spoon. It gets messy, but in my opinion, that's the only way to learn!
Tuesday 4/27: The plastic "CDs" that go with Kate's Fisher-Price CD player toy went missing within a month of getting the toy for her birthday (that was during Kate's phase of throwing things in the garbage can, so I have only one guess where they went.) I am almost ashamed to admit this, but I decided to use our friends' wedding invitation to make replacement CDs! The cardstock was super-heavy, and it worked well. C & AR, if you're reading this, I'm sorry, but we'll think of you every time Kate puts one of the disks in the slot and the smiley stereo says "Let's jam!!"
Wednesday 4/28: I would have loved to have gone to the benefit concert for which I designed that poster a few weeks ago, but I got a great surprise when the coordinators returned from Atlanta--a copy of the poster I'd designed, autographed by the artists who had performed! I'm especially excited about Emily Saliers' autograph, since I'm a fan of the Indigo Girls.
Thursday 4/29: I had coffee with my awesome friend Maria. We get together almost every week for girl talk. This week, we went to Fido, the hipster-hangout coffeeshop that figures in the intro to Matthew Paul Turner's recent book Hear No Evil (Fido is scene of that bizarre conversation he has with the aspiring Christian punk-rocker, so it comes to mind whenever I go there now.) 
Friday 4/30: Kate had her 15-month checkup. We usually have fun looking in the mirror in the exam room, but this time, Kate was very clingy and refused to sit on the exam table herself. She just wanted to be held the entire time. I reported her stats here, but the summary was: totally average, except her head circumfrence in the 95th percentile!
Saturday 5/1: The first Saturday in May, for us native Louisvillians, will always be Derby Day, no matter where we live. So, I wanted to host a Derby party this year--mint juleps, Derby pie, etc. It ended up being a more low-key event than I'd envisioned, thanks to the weather. We'd planned on a nice cookout, where the kids could all run around in the backyard, but The Flood decided to come, so we were inside, and some of our guests even got stranded and couldn't make it when the water rose over their driveway! Those who made it had a good time, though :0)
Sunday 5/2: I had been annoyed when weather coverage preempted most of the Derby coverage on Saturday, but it turned out the torrential rains were "a big deal," as many areas of middle Tennessee are dealing with severe flooding. We were glued to the television, watching as interstates turned into rivers and soccer fields into lakes. Nashville has declared a state of emergency, and many neighborhoods are underwater.

Pray for those affected by the floods in Tennessee, and for Project Life Tuesday's hostess Jessica Turner, who is in the Dominican Republic this week with World Vision.

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