Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kentucky Weekend

As I mentioned in Friday's Ode to Louisville, Kate and I took a jaunt up to my hometown this weekend to see my parents. Matt didn't join us, since he would have had to return a mere 24-hours later to make it to church early Sunday. (Whereas I was able to stay around 36 hours, returning just in time to breeze into church mere seconds before worship began. Ordinarily, I would have stayed and worshiped in Louisville, but today was Confirmation, and I was a mentor, so I had to be there, yada yada.)
We drove up Friday night after work, and Saturday morning, our first stop was to go see Nana at the nursing home. She has spent less than two weeks at home since my grandfather's death in March, since she started having health issues soonafter and has been back and forth between hospital and nursing home for most of that time. The facility had a nice courtyard with a pond where a mama duck and her babies live. Kate loved chasing the ducks, and would have gone straight into the water after them, if we'd let her!
 We tried to take a four-generation photo, though Kate was screaming in most of them, overdue for a nap and wanting to go back out with her duckie friends some more.

After a nice naptime at home, we went to the park to play on the playground. Unlike our local playground at home, this one did not have a separate "little kid" structure, but Kate held her own on the big-kid complex, unphased by the elementary-aged boys who blew past her on the steps and got in the way when she wanted to go down the slide.

Last but not least, we went to "find some horses"--not a difficult task in these parts, the real challenge is finding some hanging out near the fence, not minding their own business an acre back from the road. We found this nice fellow, "Man What A Dream" (his name was on the brass plate along his bridle) and he was more than happy to nuzzle us and pose for some pics.
It was a short trip, but Kate and I enjoyed seeing Nala and Popi and our new quacking and neighing friends.

Let's visit again soon!

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SpeasHill said...

If it's animals you want, hurry on over to Bethpage before we leave. Just walking down our street, I can give you horses, cows, sheep, and chickens, not to mention the accumulation of dogs. And that's without paying to go in the petting farm (with alpacas, camels, miniature horses, etc.) Then we could go to a member's house (or one of several members' homes) and hold baby goats. These are things I will miss...but only in theory, I think.

I love the 4-generation picture with Kate screaming. She's representing the toddler generation well.


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