Friday, May 07, 2010

Kate's Musical Debut

Today I (Matt) attended my first school musical program as a parent. Like literally every single adult there, I had my camera in hand and went nuts when my child was in front of the crowd. There were even a few parents dressed up like they were going to the opera! They made me feel strange sitting there in my jeans and sandals!

Kate started the morning having "Muffins with Mommy", a pre-Mother's Day gathering so moms could hang out with each other and the kids and teachers. Next month there will be a "Doughnuts with Daddy" (for the purposes of alliteration, and because dads eat less healthy in general) gathering for the pater familiai.

The program, entitled "The Giving Tree is Growing" began with all the age-level classes processing in. The Infant class came in seated in cribs with wheels on them, reminding us all of the Circus-train cars on the little boxes of animal crackers we used to have in our lunch. Anyone else remember those?

Here's the one-year-old "Ladybugs" class doing their first number, "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider". While it looks like Kate is actually doing the moves, she was just chewing on her fingers. To be fair, though, the only ones actually doing the motions were the teachers. It was pretty darn impressive that they got a bunch of toddlers to stand in one place for that long!

The Ladybugs class does their second number, "If You're Happy and You Know It". Several of them did, in fact, clap their hands. Once again, nice work, teachers!

Every great performance has an epic after-party, and this one was no exception. Jammies were all the rage and the breast-milk flowed like wine (just like in a little place called "Aspen"). Kate was kind enough to give me an exclusive interview.

Big thanks go out to red-carpet hostess extraordinaire Zoe Hewitt for giving me pointers on how to interview big stars and not be intimated by them.


SpeasHill said...

Hey! I know Zoe Hewitt! And Kate Kelley! I must be really important.

tearzamariebaggett said...


hahahaha!!! one of the three movies i can quote every line from.


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