Saturday, May 08, 2010

Everyday Kate

Last month, I shared a precious photo session our friend did of Kate. The pics that I post on the blog and print for framing and scrapbooking are generally the "prettier" ones, taken in the nice outdoor setting with grass and flowers, etc. But Maria kept shooting even when we were just hanging out getting popcicles, and some of those pics in the stroller really capture the "everyday" Kate that I see in our ordinary interactions...

Though she doesn't really have any "real" words yet, she sometimes will yammer on as if she is telling us a very important story. Her inflections and facial expressions are so animated. I can't wait til we can actually understand what she's saying!
"Can I have some?"
"Please?" (She actually has said "peece?" a few times.)
"Oh, gee. Do I have a bow in my hair?"
"I better get that out of there."
"Now I'll try to put it back in... what's that? I don't know how to use my opposable thumbs to work an alligator clip?
Oh well."
"Good thing I'm cute and have a killer smile!"

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