Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Project Life (Easter Week)

The big idea with Project Life is to notice and document all the little things that make every day special. Some days it's hard because it seems like just an ordinary day--but you find something, like a sweet expression or a fun toy, and file it away in your brain as a snapshot of this stage of life. Then there are holiday weeks, like this one (or at least the last few days of it), where there are so many pictures that it's hard to pick just one pic for each day!

Monday 3/29: The invitations for my cousin-in-law's baby shower arrived today. I designed them myself and had them printed with Vistaprint. They turned out great, I think! (Address blurred out here for privacy.) Tuesday 3/30: Kate is getting picky in her eating right now. She'll eat cheese, bread/crackers, and most any kind of fruit, but no veggies! Hopefully it's just a phase, but I'm feeding her a lot of avocados now, since she loves them and they are packed with just about every nutrient you could want. This night, she wouldn't eat the pieces I cut off--she wanted to eat the fruit out of the skin itself!
Wednesday 3/31: We see this face a lot right now. Kate is strong-willed, and gets fussy when we can't read her mind to know what she wants. (Usually, it's more fruit, Cheerios, or the play with the camera.) She can be such a drama queen sometimes!
Thursday 4/1: On the way to our Maundy Thursday service, I stopped at the dollar store to get supplies for the twenty treat-filled eggs we needed to provide for Kate's school egg hunt the next day. Since one-year-olds can't really eat candy, I filled the eggs with stickers and little plastic frogs.

Friday 4/2: Parents were invited to come for the egg hunt, and we all enjoyed chasing our kids around the playground, helping them pick up eggs and put them in their baskets. Toddlers enjoy putting things in and taking things out of containers, so they mainly went around taking eggs out of each other's baskets while the parents defensively said "no, sweetie! that one's yours!" (Kate didn't want to stop for a family picture!)
Saturday 4/3: We "opened" our Easter baskets, and Kate loved the bubbles! She squealed and jumped around when I blew bubbles her way. I love this shot--unbridled joy! (Check out the video here!)
Sunday 4/4: Easter Sunday! I know it's frivolous, but I sure do love a little girl in a smocked dress! (This little girl, in particular!)


Rene' Sharp said...

Wonderful Easter photos. The invites really did turn out well. The dress is just adorable, and I love the bubble photo!

dawn said...

I enjoyed all your photos this week. Love all the different moods/faces of your adorable girl.The invites look great!! Have a great week!!

Bev said...

How much fun for everyone.

Katie Bug said...

I love the pictures of Kate being dramatic. It's good to know I'm not alone!

SpeasHill said...

Kate and Becca really are BFF's. I hope they throw a double tantrum at the March for Babies. Okay, not really, but I think they'd manage to make it cute.

I have guilt surrounding the Easter dress issue. Here I am, a seminary educated pastor, and what am I most excited about? Showing off my little girl in her Easter dress. When I was debating whether or not to take her to church on Sunday (it's still RSV season), what was the deciding factor? The Easter finery. I was talking to Becca's physical therapist about it (who is actually probably just as much my regular therapist/mentor mother as Becca's PT - but she's a good Methodist!), and she said that "dressing the kids up for Easter is part of the fun, and God's not going to begrudge you that." I think I agree.

Wow, this is the longest comment ever.

p.s. Love seeing "That's Not My Bunny" in the bubble shot! ;)


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