Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Project Life (Apr. 5-11)

Holy Week is a busy time for pastors, and the following week is often a time to recoup and relax. Matt took that idea to the extreme this year, treating himself to an unforgettable experience the day after Easter...

Monday 4/5: Matt went to see Butler play in the national title game!! He was so excited, and even though they lost (so close!), he says he is still so glad he went. 80% of the crowd was for Butler, he estimated (which makes sense, since it was played in Indy, six miles from Butler's campus) and he saw a bunch of fellow alums. I'm really glad he got to go, too. This was the view from their seats--high up, but center court! Tuesday 4/6: Meanwhile, south of the Mason-Dixon, the tulips were blooming! Here's Kate, checking them out.

Wednesday 4/7: Through some connections with Nashville non-profit Thistle Farms, I was asked to design a flyer for the Find Your Way Home benefit concert at Eddie's Attic, a well-known indie music venue in Decatur, Ga. The show is featuring country singer Julie Roberts, Grammy-winning songwriters Marcus Hummon and Don Schlitz, and a special guest appearance from Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls! (I love the Indigo Girls, so I think that part is especially cool.) If you live near Atlanta, consider going--it's for a great cause!
Thursday 4/8: Nashville is getting a new convention center, and we "get" to watch the construction from our office. A couple times a day, the whole building shakes as they blast through rock across the street. Even though we know what's going on, for a split second, it still seems like there's an earthquake or a bomb going off. When the Music City Center is complete, though, it will be pretty cool having watched it go up!
Friday 4/9: I realized Kate's hair is now long enough for pigtails! Aren't they precious? Even Matt thought so, and he usually resists my efforts at cutesy hair accessories for Kate.

Saturday 4/10: We met up with our friend Maria for photos at the park. It was a lot harder taking pics of Kate now that she's running around everywhere. At 3 and 9 months, we got great family shots, but this time, Kate screamed and wriggled away whenever we tried to hold her still. We got some gorgeous shots of Kate herself, though! We walked up to a gourmet popcicle joint and enjoyed an icy treat afterwards!

Sunday 4/11: Kate has been too big for those little hooded baby bath towels for a while, so she's had to use ours for several months now. Granna gave her a cute towel of her own for Easter--in brown and polka dots, her signature style!

Hope you had a fun week too!


Rene' Sharp said...

Your photos are awesome this week. I really enjoyed visiting your blog!!

dawn said...

You have great pictures this week. The first one is cool, love the angle from up high. Pigtails are so cute on little girls gives them a whole new look. Have a good week.

Amy said...

Your little girl is adorable!

Katie Bug said...

The pigtails are great! How did you get Kate to sit still long enough to create them? Katelyn doesn't have enough hair for piggies yet...but that hasn't stopped me from trying a few times!
Kate's new towel is great, too!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

She does scream and thrash, but I've been successful twice now. (Had to just give up yesterday, but today she's got 'em!)

Bev said...

That is a super cute towel! What a great gift!


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