Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Project Life (Apr. 19-25)

Monday 4/19: I had pre-ordered Angie Smith's I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy a while back. It arrived Monday and I devoured it in two evenings. Angie's blog, Bring the Rain, was among the first blogs I started reading regularly, back in early 2008. Even though I already knew the story of Baby Audrey's brief life, I still cried during Angie's retelling of Audrey's two hours on earth and read with interest and awe how she and her husband led their older children through the process of grief.  

Tuesday 4/20: Picky eating is a pet peeve of mine, so I'm hoping Kate will be an adventurous or at least well-rounded eater.  I've read that offering kids bold flavors, they will become more adventurous eaters, so we happily offer Kate artichokes or garlicky hummus or whatever we're eating, and sometimes she tries it and likes it. Though she tried olives twice before and spit them out, this time she ate several!
Wednesday 4/21: Since I had to clear off the dining room table for Easter dinner, my scrapbooking was on hiatus, but I recently ordered a bunch of prints from Easter weekend, St. Patrick's Day, and our 14-month photo shoot, so the papercrafting fun was in full swing again! This page features Kate and my mom trying out the crayons Kate got in her Easter basket.
Thursday 4/22: I guess you know the honeymoon is over and life is moving on when you replace framed wedding photos with framed baby photos. Just kidding. It's just a natural and wonderful progression, and I'd rather look at Kate's sweet face than our own any day!
Friday 4/23: Getting ready to go to Chicago for the weekend. I took Kate's suitcase since we were only going for one night and it is smaller and lighter than my own carry-on!
Saturday 4/24: My mother-in-law and I flew to Chicago for Matt's cousin Christopher and his wife Viktoria's baby shower. They are having twins in June--one boy and one girl. How perfect! We had a lot of fun (and I'll post more pics of the shower later this week)!
Sunday 4/25: After brunch with the family, my MIL Debbie and SIL Alexis and I went shopping along Michigan Avenue. Though Kate is still too young, we had to go to American Girl Place. It was unbelieveable. I had Felicity and Samantha when I was little, and just love the historical characters. Here, Debbie and Alexis are entering Kate to win a Molly doll.


Rene' Sharp said...

Jessica your photos are absolutely wonderful this week. Great to see you are also a scrapbooker. I have recently gotten my mojo back, and I have been scrapping like crazy!

Jess & Ian said...

Great pictures this week. I want to get back into my normal scrapbooking but I am having a hard time getting my creative juices flowing.

Susan said...

This was fun!

I want to read that book too.

I used to be a scrapper. I miss it.

I went the American Doll in NY, it was incredible.

Got my granddaughter her first one.

Bev said...

Great Pictures. I love the scarpbooking layout.

TappinTamara said...

Cute pictures for the week! I loved the photo of the parents to be each holding up the two different colored blankets-they must be overjoyed!

Sonya said...

I just got my book this week too! I'm impressed that you have an olive eater! I had 1 in Kindergarten and never could stomach them again!

Katie Bug said...

I am planning to keep Katelyn in the dark about American Girls for as long as possible. Those things are so expensive!
However, if her Grands want to buy them for her, I won't mind shining some light on the collection.

dawn said...

I enjoyed all your pictures this week. I just took down most of our wedding/dating pictures and put up new ones. I wasn't sure if I should do it either, but now I love seeing new faces and how far we've come. Also love your scrapbook layout on crayons, great idea. Have a good week.


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