Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project Life (Apr. 12-18)

I always feel dorky to say how much I love my job as an editor at Abingdon Press, but since three of my seven Project Life pics this week have to do with books I've edited or will soon edit, I thought I'd forewarn you: I love my job and am very proud of the books I've worked on. :0)

Monday 4/12: Matt and I had a little basketball tournament in our kitchen with Kate's Fisher-Price basketball goal. It's only about a foot off the ground, but the rim is only about five inches wide, so it's kind of tough! We sat in one place and moved the goal back incrementally until neither of us could make the goal (with unlimited chances). Though Matt took more do-overs overall, I think he won, since I couldn't get the final challenge and gave up.
Tuesday 4/13: I was really touched by all the sympathy cards I got after my grandfather's death a few weeks ago. Kate and I were looking through them (i.e. playing with them) before bed the other night. She loves paper. 
Wednesday 4/14: Our semiannual sales conference is going on this week at work. That is the time when we "launch" the next list (this time, Fall 2010) and present those titles to our sales reps so they can effectively pitch them to Barnes & Noble, Lifeway, etc. Mike Slaughter (one of "my" authors) spoke at the launch party, so I had a very busy day hosting him. We have a great author-editor relationship, and he gave me a signed copy of his most recent book, Change the World: Recovering the Message and Mission of Jesus.
Thursday 4/16: Speaking of "my" authors, blogger Kristen Welch of We Are THAT Family just signed a contract to write a mom's devotional with us, due to come out next spring! Kristen proudly posted this pic on her blog this week, and I am proud to share it as well!
Friday 4/16: Kate developed a fever Thursday evening (up to 104) and while it was lower by Friday morning (99-101) we still had to keep her home from day care, and since Matt had some appointments, I stayed home from work with her. She seemed chipper enough by the afternoon that we stuck to the plan of her and I accompanying Matt on the "all-church retreat" at Beersheba Springs this weekend.
We stayed in the Turner Family Lodge. A lot of things in Nashville and middle Tennessee are endowed by and named for the Turner family, led by Cal Turner Jr., founder of Dollar General. All these Turner namesakes have extra significance for me since I actually know Cal, and edited his book, Led to Follow: Leadership Lessons from an Improbable Pastor and a Reluctant CEO.
Saturday 4/17: Matt, Kate, and I, and several of the teens on the retreat went for a hike at Stone Door near the retreat center. I carried Kate down, and Matt carried her back up, and neither of us have ever stepped so carefully along the rocky path, or given the cliff's edge such a wide berth!
Sunday 4/18: After a closing worship in the morning, we packed up and headed toward home, but Matt, Kate, and I stopped in Nashville along the way to walk in the March of Dimes' March for Babies. We were part of "Itty Bitty Becca's Team," honoring our little friend Becca Hill, who was born after only 6 months gestation, weighing only 13 ounces. Our team shirts illustrated Becca's 9 1/2 inch length at birth.


Rene' Sharp said...

Great photos this week Jessica!!

Bev said...

I love all of these photos.

Susan said...

Great pictures as always!

Glad your daughter is finally better.

dawn said...

great pictures this week. love the basketball one of you two playing. so funny, that's what my hubby and I would do.

Amy said...

Thanks for your support for March of Dimes. My preemie baby will turn 5 tomorrow! Time flies!


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