Thursday, April 01, 2010

My Most "80s" Moment

Yes, that's me. It was my eighth birthday party at Champs Rollerdrome. (What is a "rollerdrome" anyway? Why don't they just call it a rollerskating rink?)

My hair is in a crimped side ponytail with a puffy black scrunchie.

My bangs had been permed.

I am wearing a neon pink t-shirt and a matching skirt with black elastic belt and black bike pants attached.

I don't remember what presents I opened at that party. Probably slap bracelets, Popples, and My Little Ponies.

It is, without a doubt, my most "80s" moment.

What toys and trends do you remember from your childhood?

1 comment:

SpeasHill said...

What do I remember? Popples, slap bracelets, and My Little Ponies! Oh, and the Light Bright!


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