Monday, April 05, 2010

Kate's First Haircut

Everyone we told about Kate's upcoming haircut said "No! Don't cut off her curls!"

They didn't need to worry. My "rules" for the stylist were "no bangs, keep the curls." We just needed to clean things up a little so it wouldn't look so messy when she inevitably takes out her hairbow, and so it would grow out better. I was really nervous Kate would have a meltdown in the chair, like she does when we trim her nails. Actually, she did great! Here's the play-by-play.

Waiting our turn...
Checking out what this whole "salon" thing is about...

The "before" shot--locks hanging halfway down her nose. Sitting nicely in the chair...
The stylist, who also cuts my hair, recommended I hold Kate on my lap, but Kate rejected that right away, preferring to sit there on her own "like a big girl."

The stylist (named Kelly Green--love that name!) doesn't believe in trying to strap kids down, which works great for us! She bobbed and weaved right along with Kate, cutting off just a centimeter or so to clean up the mop!

No tears, no going limp and sliding out of the chair, no jerking quickly and getting stabbed in the eye! (all the things I was afraid of.) She did great, and now has a cleaner, slightly shorter, still curly 'do!


SpeasHill said...

Adorable - both process and finished product!

Katie Bug said...

I'm so impressed! Katelyn is getting close to needing that first haircut, and I have been really nervous about where to take her. I'm hoping she does even a smidgen as well as Kate.


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