Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to Make a Diaper Cake

I made my first attempt at a diaper cake for my cousin-in-law's baby shower last weekend. If you're not familiar with the concept, a diaper cake is basically an arrangement of diapers that looks like a multi-tiered cake. (As opposed to a cake that looks like a diaper, though I suppose that would technically also be a "diaper cake.") Here was the finished product:I started by arranging diapers (a half to two-thirds of the ones I'd bought, since this was the bottom, biggest layer) on their sides, in a radial formation. I had assumed one just arranged them going straight out of the center, but I found that curving them somewhat in a slight spiral helped maintain the overall shape better.
If you don't have to transport the finished product anywhere, and the color of the diapers goes with your color scheme, you could just tie a ribbon or affix a strip of paper around the layer, but since I was covering each layer with tissue paper and having to pack the thing up in a box for transport, I just used Scotch tape to hold it together. Since you want the parents-to-be to be able to dismantle the cake and actually use the diapers, make sure the tape you use will come off without ripping the diapers.
Do the same thing for progressively smaller layers to create the size cake you want. (The pic below is the top layer before I curved and secured the diapers into the tighter spiral formation.)
Since I didn't want a green-and-blue color scheme (though that would be cute for a boy shower), I covered each layer with white tissue paper. It took several sheets in order to not be see-through, but I just laid them together and wrapped each layer like a present (a very oddly-shaped present, being essentially round and all).
Make the wrapping as smooth as possible (not very, if my experience is any indication) but it doesn't have to be perfect. You can also smooth down or hide the imperfections with your decorations.
I opted to go minimalist, since I had these nice ribbons that worked with the party's color scheme, but I've seen some that are decorated with strips of scrapbook paper and 3-D flowers, birds, or butterfly embellishments, and some decorated with small toys and supplies for baby--pacifiers, loveys, toiletries, etc.

It turned out alright, I thought, and I bet my next attempt will be even better! In any case, it works for me!

PS: does anyone else find the photo-uploader on Blogger's "updated" post editor extremely un-user-friendly? It's driving me nuts! Any way to make it easier, besides going back to the old version?


Katie Bug said...

Your diaper cake turned out really cute! I always think they're adorable at showers, but if I tried to make one I know I'd tire out after the first layer.
As for the updated Blogger format, I actually think it's easier to work with photos now. I have a sneaky suspicion that I was doing things the hard way before, though.

Rachel H. Evans said...

Someone did this at a shower I went to recently and it was a big hit. Well done!

Dutchnic said...

I received a diaper cake when my baby was born (almost 6 months ago). My SIL had made it from size 2 diapers so I could enjoy it a little longer, since they outgrow the newborn diapers so quickly. I don't know which size you used, but I thought that was a useful tip! Yours turned out really pretty! Mine looked different: the diapers were each rolled up and tied with a rubber band, and then arranged into 3 tiers.

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Good call, Dutch! Someone else mentioned the rolled-up-diaper method to me, too. Honestly, I didn't think of that when I was doing it! Maybe I'll try that next time.

I used Size 1 diapers. With twins (who will probably be born at under 7 pounds anyway) I doubt they'll grow out of them before they are all used up!


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