Thursday, April 22, 2010

Heirloom Dress

When my mom was born in 1951, her Aunt Grace made her a silky, peach-colored dress with a lace yoke.
Thirty years later, I was born, and I wore the dress on this sunny day in spring/summer 1982.
Twenty-seven years after that, Kate was born, and she too wore the dress on a pretty day in our backyard last September.
This little gown is such a family treasure. Maybe one day (in the 2030s--holy cats!) a fourth generation will don the heirloom dress. Wouldn't that be something?

What heirloom items do you pass down in your family?


Matt Kelley said...

there is this lovely baptismal gown we have in our family

Katie Bug said...

That dress is beautiful! How special that it's been passed down through 3 generations.
Our kitchen table was used by my grandparents and parents when they were first married. It's not really "my style" (if I even have one), but I love the family history it holds.

SpeasHill said...

That's so sweet. We tend to pass down our issues. I'm hoping to break the pattern. ;)


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