Sunday, April 04, 2010

Go Bulldogs!!

As anyone who knows my husband would have guessed, Matt is ecstatic about the Butler Bulldogs going to the national title game tonight. He went to Butler for undergrad and loves Butler basketball. We were all pretty excited when they beat Michigan State the other night. I know few people as into March Madness (or sports in general) as my husband. I smile and nod a lot when he talks about all the players and coaches as if I know who these people are. I was raised a Kentucky fan (my parents' alma mater) and a Boston Red Sox fan, so I do "care" if those teams win or lose, but I rarely watch a whole game, and never without my computer or other projects to multitask on while glancing up to check the score now and again.

I do love a good competition, though, so I start paying attention around Super Bowl time, World Series time, and of course, March Madness. We fill out brackets every year and have a friendly bet. This year, with all the crazy upsets, my Final Four were all eliminated, and Matt only had Butler left, but even he had them losing in the semifinals! If Butler wins tonight, Kate will actually have won our family bracket, with her strategic preference for bear, dog, and cat mascots. She's a little nervous about her chances, given Duke's usual prowess. Butler loyalties (and UK's anti-Duke vendetta) aside, even, I would hate it if Duke won just because it has been such a fun tournament with all the underdogs and upsets, a #1 seed winning it all anyway would just be a real shame.

Go (under)Dawgs!

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