Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Basket Fun

Since Easter Sunday is so busy, we do our Easter baskets on Holy Saturday. Kate got some paper and crayons, yogurt melts, That's Not My Bunny, a ball, and some bubbles. She especially enjoyed the bubbles...

My mom and grandmother came down yesterday, and Dad joined us tonight (he had campaign stuff to do today) so we're having lots of family fun. We enjoyed an egg hunt at Kate's school yesterday, and a Good Friday stations of the cross service last night, and we've been getting ready to host ten people for dinner after church tomorrow. I folded dinner napkins into bunnies. I love playing Martha Stewart. (Rest assured there will be photos--for Project Life Tuesday if not before!)

Oh, and if you haven't heard... Butler is in the national title game!! We were all pretty excited at their win over Michigan State tonight--especially Matt!

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SpeasHill said...

Somehow I missed this post before! I love the video! One of our dogs loves to catch the bubbles in her mouth, so it's really fun when you get her and Becca going. Seriously, we could spend hours with bubbles.


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