Friday, April 30, 2010

15 Months

Kate is now 15 months old--25% of the way through her second year. Holy cats. Her monthday was on Wednesday (the 28th) but since we just went for her checkup this morning, I figured I'd wait and report the stats:
22.5 pounds
31 inches tall
(both 50th percentile)
and her head is still 90-95th percentile. :0)
The doctor obviously knew how to talk to parents, since she immediately said "that just means she's smart"--exactly what a parent would say (not us, though, of couse... ahem) though not medically valid.
(Oh, and of course we had a slight ear-infection. boo.)

Here's what Kate is up to at 15 months:
  • climbing on everything--the coffee table, the hearth, the kitchen table (via a kitchen chair), us, and as you see above--her giraffe ride-on
  • babbling (or "jargoning," as I've heard it called when it's really close to human speech) but not saying real words yet
  • sign language: please, thank you, more, snack, milk, and eat
  • crying and putting her head to the ground when we take something away she wants to play with (or take her away from the situation)
  • She's started getting mad at us too sometimes--backing away and rejecting hugs when we tell her "no"
  • She loves school, getting very excited even as we pull into the parking lot of her day care, and running over to her teacher and friends when we get to her classroom
  • She loves seeing us at the end of the day too, though--smiling and running when Daddy picks her up at day care and when Mommy walks through the door at home.
  • She drinks whole milk at school, but is still on breast milk in a sippy at home. We still have about 300 ounces left in the frozen stash.
  • Fruit, cheese, and crackers/bread are still her favorite foods, but she'll occasionally eat veggies or meat
  • She's working on using a spoon. It's a messy cup of yogurt (and face, hands, floor, etc.) but she enjoys learning how.
  • She's apparently gaining a memory for bad experiences, as she was much more weepy and clingy at the doctor's today than usual. She forgives her shot-givers quickly, though.
  • Her favorite toys include blocks, cars, books (playing with them more than sitting still to listen), and her big toys--her riding toy giraffe, her wagon, her zebra bouncy toy. She also likes climbing into her alligator camp chair, sitting for a second, then getting out.
  • She wears size 12-18 month clothes, and a size 4 diaper (though I think I moved up too soon--she could still wear a 3). Same with shoes--wears some 4s but her size 3 Pedipeds still fit too. Gymboree, polka-dots, and Pedipeds are still her "look," and she's been trying out pigtails lately. They're nice because she can't pull the rubber bands out as easily as her normal hair clippies, which she removes almost as fast as I put them in.
Happy 1.25 birthday, Kate! You get more awesome all the time!

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Katie Bug said...

I am amazed that you still have 300 ounces of pumped milk left. That is very impressive!
Kate sounds like such a cutie. I always feel better when I read about other toddlers having mini meltdowns.


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