Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some Scrapbook Pages

My dining room table is perpetually covered in scrapbook supplies and half-finished pages. I really should have a dinner party at least once a month to force myself to clean it up. But hey, I think I'm putting it to good use because I really love this memory-keeping craft. Here's a few things I've done recently:

I've struggled for over a month on Kate's birthday party pages. They're difficult because we took so many pictures, and even with them narrowed way down, there were still a lot of photos I wanted to work in. Picking the papers were easy, though, since they were part of the same coordinated package of papers I used to make the invitations, flag banners, party hat, etc. for the party. I made a little miniature version of the flag banner for the page. I love that little element, though the spread is kind of crazy, overall. And that's not even all the birthday pictures I scrapbooked--there are other pages with messy-face cake pictures, a family photo and letter to Kate, etc.
I love this page about Kate's Halloween costume. I actually bought those little monkey and banana embellishments before she was born, for some little albums I made for the grandparents-to-be, but I liked them so much I kept them for myself!

Like Kate's birthday, Christmas was difficult to scrabook because of the sheer number of pictures, but with a collage/mosaic style, this spread gives a quick snapshot of our holday.
I had fun with this page documenting Kate's giraffes that she loves to carry around. The original Raffi was a gift from Kate's aunt and uncle, and she loved it so much that we got Raffi II (which stays at school for naptime) and Raffi III (which lives at Granna and Opa's). Then, for Christmas, she got another plush giraffe, so I named it Giri (Giri and Raffi...) and Kate likes to carry them both around as she plays. She also has a giraffe ride-on toy.

The giraffe embellishment on the page was on a cute birthday card Kate got--it worked perfectly!!I mentioned a couple weeks ago in Project Life that I finally bought the Project Life Kit, with its divided page protectors and cool journaling cards. As I said then, I don't intend to use them for all 365 daily photos, but rather for special clusters of photos that I want to feature in my album without creating a traditional scrapbook page.
I made one scrapbook page with three pics from Kate's 9-month photo shoot, and wanted to include more but couldn't think of any more creative layouts for that set of photos. So, I used the front and back of a Project Life divided page to highlight a few more favorite photos, plus some journaling about Kate's 9-month milestones and the day our friend Maria took the photos. (Sorry for the glare--taking these out of the page protector would kind of defeat the purpose!) I also plan to use the kit's supplies as they are intended every now and again for a "week (or part of a week) in the life" snapshot. For example, this page about our Valentine's weekend.
And, this week where we had a lot going on: my trip to Chicago, then Kate and my weekend in Louisville and Daddy's conference in D.C. A typical scrapbook page on this smattering of events would have been very disjointed, but the Project Life kit is designed to highlight these day-by-day events. This page also shows some alternative ways to use the divided slots. The 4x6 photo slots are all horizontal, and the smaller vertical slots are intended for journaling cards. As you see, I trimmed the pics of Kate with her great-grandparents down to fit the smaller slots, and then to accommodate a vertical 4x6, I cut it into three pieces and put them on three different background cards in three adjoining slots. I think it's kind of cool, and there was also room for Matt's only souvenir from his trip that week--his visitor pass from the Senate Chaplain's office.
Do you scrapbook? What do you do with most of your photos?

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SpeasHill said...

I like that the birthday pages are a little crazy - it was a party, after all! My other favorites are the Halloween and Giraffes pages. We really need to get a Lamby II for dirty Lamby emergencies!


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