Friday, March 05, 2010

Romantic or Annoying?

I love taking polls, filling out questionairres, answering surveys, etc. (I'm probably the only person in America who is excited for the census form to arrive) and yet I've never put a poll on my blog!

I've been thinking about this for a while, but wasn't sure what to ask in the inaugural Parsonage Family poll. Then today, Matt and I went out for lunch and ended up rehashing a years-old debate:

Tom Cruise's now infamous couch-jumping incident, where he lept up onto Oprah's sofa and declared his undying love for Katie Holmes... romantic or annoying?

Yes, Tom is a little crazy, especially with that Matt Lauer interview about "the history of psychiatry" (in fact, the rehash of Matt and my debate started because I mentioned that prominent pastor Craig Groeschel reminded me of wild-eyed Tom Cruise) but overall, I--and I imagine many other women, whether they publicly admit it or not--think it would be romantic if their guy were so overcome with love that they had to jump on furniture and announce it to the world.

So what about you? Check out the poll in the sidebar (if you're reading this in a reader, you'll need to jump over to the actual blog page) and VOTE!


Amy said...

Oh - it's 50/50! I think it is romantic that a man could be so excited about his love he jumped up and down. It did signal something just freakish in him that I wish I didn't know about, but I agree that in general it's a romantic thing to do.

I am assuming you think romance and Matt thinks bizarre?

Anonymous said...

I did not answer your poll because you did not give enough options.
I would have answered one of the following:

It seemed so crazy but also very unbelievable at the time, and even now. There are just too many rumors about Tom Cruise to not be skeptical.

SpeasHill said...

Ummm...I think it was fun. Does that make it romantic? Probably more so than annoying. Okay, I'll cast my vote now. And I'm excited about the census form, too. I was actually disappointed when I heard that it only has 10 questions.

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Sorry, Anonymous! I almost put "insane" but then thought that could be covered by "annoying"!

Simply Cintia said...

If it was my man it'd be totally romantic. That was my vote. I bet his woman loved it when she saw it.


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