Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Project Louisville

Oops! When Matt asked if he could take the camera with him to his conference in D.C., I said "sure," without thinking about how I would retrieve this week's Project Life photos off the camera.

So, I went off to Louisville, leaving the camera at home for Matt to take with him. (I knew I could rely on my parents to take plenty of pics during our visit.) Then today, when Matt and I were touching base, I asked him if he was taking a lot of pics of the monuments or whatever he might see during his event. "... [silence]... um, I think I left it at home..." Oops! again, but at least I had the camera at home with me.

I went to upload my week's pics, and couldn't find the cord that connects the camera to the computer. Oops! a third time... Matt apparently managed to pack that. So, Project Life will have to be delayed this week, and in the meantime, here's a recap of my weekend in Louisville! (courtesy of my parents' camera)

I didn't want to take any vacation days for this little visit, so I worked Friday, then came home, ate a quick dinner and fed Kate, put her in her jammies, kissed Matt goodbye, and drove up in the dark. Kate slept most of the way, and we arrived around 10:30 eastern time. We played a little while and then hit the hay.

Saturday morning, we just hung out, chatted, and played with Kate. Mom loves her iPod dock in the kitchen, and when Chris Brown's "Forever" came on (better known as the song in the JK Wedding Dance viral video--I actually just had to google it to find the real name!) Mom, Kate, and I all started dancing around the kitchen. Three generations, dancing like crazy in our jammies. I hope I'll remember that forever.

Kate also really enjoyed the non-babyproofed cabinets in Nala and Popi's house. She likes to hand things to people for them to hold, so when Kate emptied this cabinet, Nala had a lapful of Ziploc bags and used Starbucks cups! After watching UK get beat by UT (sad... sad...) we went out for a brief campaign-walk with Popi. My dad is running for Louisville's Metro Council (District 19, if you happen to live in the East End!) so he's going door to door before the primary in May. It was really cold and Mom and I had other things we wanted to do, so we just did half a street, but it was fun. It's pretty cool watching Dad continue his public service endeavors.

"Please vote for my Popi!"
Mom, Kate, and I went to visit my grandparents, where we learned that while we'd been dancing and emptying cupboards, there had been an earthquake in Chile and a tsunami was due to hit Hawaii any minute. So, we sat and watched the news for an hour, waiting to see... absolutely nothing happen. The news stations were transfixed on Hawaii's beaches and didn't even flip over to cover the real crisis in Chile until the Hawaiian tsunami warning had ended. Sad.
But, my grandparents loved seeing Kate. They don't get out much, and never travel, so they hadn't seen Kate since our last visit to Louisville at Thanksgiving. She was only walking a little then, so they really got to see her move! I love seeing them together. I never knew any of my great-grandparents, so it is very cool that Kate knows some of hers.

I wrote yesterday about how Kate infected the whole family (except me) with her stomach bug. My grandfather was admitted to the hospital last night to get fluids and meds, since he was becoming dehydrated. He will probably be sent home today, though, so that is very good. I was very worried and felt really guilty. I'm so glad he's going to be okay, and the rest of the family seems to be on the mend as well.

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SpeasHill said...

So glad to hear everyone is better. Based on the picture of the two of them, I'd say your Grandfather probably thinks a little trip to the hospital was worth play time with Kate. Becca and I love to have dance parties, too - we'll have to plan another one soon with all of us!


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