Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Project Life (Mar. 8-14)

Monday 3/8: Kate's big "thing" in the last few weeks is to climb into her wagon and wait for someone to notice and pull her around. If you don't notice quickly enough, she'll start to fuss. When she did this at my parents' house a couple weeks ago, Mom reminded her "you know, we got you this so you can pull things around in it." She'll be in for a rude awakening when she no longer fits inside easily! Tuesday 3/9: As I bragged earlier this week, I got a bunch of clothes for Kate at a big consignment sale this week. All this for $29.
Wednesday 3/10: I've had these jeans for four years, so holes in the knees were probably due to happen anyway, but I'd still like to think these holes are the product of hours of crawling around on the floor, playing toddler games.
Thursday 3/11: Kate learned how to take pictures this week. She loves to play with the camera, and last Sunday, I taught her how to press the button firmly enough for it to take. Now, she snaps away any time we let her get her hands on the camera! She hasn't quite grasped that what she sees in the display is what she's taking a picture of, but if we jump into the frame, it's not bad. Remarkably few are out of focus!
Friday 3/12: We had a "family date night," going out to Backyard Burger and then watching our Netflix movie, 500 Days of Summer, after Kate went to bed. Ah, the thrilling night-life of parenthood :0)
Saturday 3/13: My friend Paula is a yard-sale queen, and she suggested we go together on Saturday. I didn't really intend to buy anything, but somehow ended up with a red sweater-dress for myself, two tops for Kate, an autumn mantle-swag, the Scene It? DVD game (for $2!) and three toys for Kate: a basketball goal, set of maracas, and a bus that plays the appropriate verse of "The Wheels on the Bus" when you roll the wheels, move the wipers, open the door, etc. She loves it! (and Matt blogged about it here.)
Sunday 3/14: Shawn Wood, one of the authors with whom I have the privilege of working, was signing books at Crosspoint Church, so Kate and I went to support him and check out Crosspoint. I'd heard great things about that church, and Shawn gave us a great excuse to go!


Rene' Sharp said...

Great photos this week Jessica. Sorry about your favourite jeans. Very brave of you to let your daughter use your camera!!

Susan said...

Enjoyed this! She looks so cute in her wagon!!


dawn said...

These are great pictures for the week. My favorite jeans are starting to get a hole also. Was hoping they'd last till the warmer weather came. All kids would rather be pulled around then to fill it up and pull it themselves, they are funny that way. I love the picture of yours and hubbys feet for date night. Your daughter took a great picture for just learning. Have a good week


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