Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Project Life (Mar. 15-21)

We had a pretty fun week, even though it ended with a double eye infection for Kate (yuck!)

Monday 3/15: Kate has fun playing on our bed, but her penchant for flinging her body forward with little warning requires a close watch from Mommy and Daddy. She giggled like crazy falling back on our pillows.Tuesday 3/16: I have been bizarrely excited about filling out the census form. So, dork that I am, I was very excited to see that it arrived!! Naturally, I filled it out that very night and sent it back the next day. After all, "they can't move forward till we send it back"! ;0)
Wednesday 3/17: St. Patrick's Day!! We all wore green and Kate brought home a construction paper shamrock from school. Read more about the day and see many more delightfully green photos here.
Thursday 3/18: Round One of the NCAA men's basketball tournament started today, and it was also a Daddy-Daughter Day, so Matt and Kate had lots of fun watching games and playing with Kate's new basketball goal. We all filled out brackets (even Kate) and have enjoyed watching these crazy upsets all weekend! We love March Madness!
Friday 3/18: Spring is close at hand! With the time change, it is now still light and beautiful when I get home from work. Since I had to leave work early on Friday to get poor goopy-eyed Kate from day care, I worked a while at home out on the sun-drenched front porch. Just heavenly.
Saturday 3/20: Kate and I went to a "red" baby shower with ladies from church. Two baby cousins named Ruby and Scarlett were born a week apart back in October, and we had a party to celebrate them. All the guests wore red, and we ate an amazing red velvet cake. It was a really fun alternative to the typical pastel pink and blue shower!
Sunday 3/21: Kate loves fruit, and I love sharing afternoon snacks with her. When we share an apple, I cut pieces off the whole fruit with a knife, then scrape some of the inner fruit out for her and eat the skin-side fruit myself. This time, however, she picked up the whole fruit while I was slicing up her piece and started eating straight off the piece! I figured she would get tired of it quickly, but she ended up eating almost the entire apple by herself, big-girl style! Those new teeth really do come in handy!
If you're just visiting for Project Life Tuesday, I recently posted pics of how I'm using the Becky Higgins Project Life kit even though I'm not scrapping all 365 photos. Check it out here!


Rene' Sharp said...

I love the little green outfit, it is adorable!!

Bumpkin Bears said...

Kate is so adorable, love all your photos, great fun to have found your Blog. Catherine x

Bev said...

NCAA bracket is so cute for her to fill out. Have a fun week.

SpeasHill said...

Her poor eyes! I hope she is feeling much better!

dawn said...

I love your pictures. That a cute St. Patrick's Day picture love her outfit. My husband had a day off when we got ours in the mail, he was so excited to get it and fill it out himself and mail it right in. Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

Kristen said...

Great photos! Hope her pretty little eyes are all goop-free now :)

(I must admit I am SO looking forward to our census form, which we still have not received...)

Susan said...

Great pictures...

Hope you're having a good week!


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