Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Project Life (Feb.22-28)

It's not Project Life Tuesday this week, due to our camera cord situation, but now that Matt is back safe and sound, I was able to upload my pics for last week, which was a big week of travel for all of us!

Monday 2/22: With the impending change of seasons, I am able to indulge my love of eBay again, finding cheap, cute, Gymboree clothes for Kate! I got a couple of my wins in the mail today! Tuesday 2/23: More fun packages arriving on the doorstep! I finally gave in and ordered the Project Life scrapbooking kit. I don't intend to actually scrapbook all 365 of these pics, but the supplies the kit comes with are so cool, I think they'll add a cool new dimension to my albums, and I can occasionally do a "week in the life" spread to use the kit as intended!

Wednesday 2/24: My whirlwind trip to Chicago. I was tempted to buy Kate a souvenir, since my dad so often did that when he went on business trips when I was a kid, and I loved it. But, airport gift shops are way overpriced and such a gift would likely be a losing battle in the "war on crap," so I decided against it. As I was about to board my flight home, however, I saw it there on a rack... the gift Kate would enjoy more than anything else I could bring home (except myself, hopefully)... PAMPHLETS!

Thursday 2/25: Matt caught the stomach bug Kate had, only he got it ten times worse and was in really rough shape. He asked me to come home early from work to care for Kate since he was so sick :0( This is the least-inappropriate photo I could think of to represent that day!

Friday 2/26: Kate and I drove to Louisville after work, arriving way past bedtime. We had to stay up and play a little while, though! Kate enjoyed my Little People farm from when I was little!
Saturday 2/27: After campaigning for Dad a little bit, we went over to Nana and Grandpa's house. As you know if you've read my other posts this week, they ended up getting Kate's bug (as did my parents). The men have all gotten it worse than the women (and me, not at all!) and Grandpa is actually still in the hospital, awaiting tests on some things that I'm not sure were caused by this illness, but might have been exacerbated or revealed.
As one friend noted, Grandpa might feel it is worth the illness to have enjoyed his great-granddaughter for the afternoon. I'm not sure, but he sure did enjoy the visit. He held her on his lap and did "here is the church, here is the steeple." I love the eye contact in this picture.
Sunday 2/28: Matt left for his conference in D.C., but as I said, unfortunately, he forgot to take the camera, so I have no cool monument or presentation shots, just this cell phone pic of Kate dining out with Nala, Popi, and I before we returned home. She's using her cool new placemat--silicon with suction cups and a crumb tray!--and playing with the Little People farmer family, while Nala and Popi groaned in the booth, starting to feel the stomach bug set in :0(
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Kim and Josh said...

I have the same little people farm! But I have to applaud your family for still having all of the pieces. I loved those things so much as a kid!

Katie Bug said...

I had the Little People Farm, too. Wish my parents still had it around. Sorry you guys have been so sick!


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