Monday, March 08, 2010

Office Happies

Happy Monday!

I'm not generally one of those people who hates Mondays. Sometimes, if the weekend has just seemed to fly by, or for whatever reason I felt I haven't had enough Kate-time, then I'm sad for a new work-week to start. But usually, I'm fine getting back into my routine of taking Kate to day care (she loves it, and often lets out a big giggle as we walk through the door), driving almost an hour (usually okay, especially if I have coffee), and settling into my office. Tasks 1 and 2 are always refilling my coffee cup and going through new e-mails.

I try to surround myself with "happies" so that work is an enjoyable place to be...

Coffee is central (is it wierd that this is the third time I've mentioned this?) and a nice coffee cake someone has set out to share is always nice, especially if I've forgotten to toss a yogurt in my bag.

I enjoy my plants--a peace lily on the windowsill, and (behind the picture frames below) the amazing self-resurrecting plant. Our neighbor gave it to us 2 1/2 years ago when we moved in, and despite frequent reprimands and squirts with a spray bottle, Charlotte has chewed on it daily since then. I finally decided to rescue the poor, half-dead, gnawed-up thing by bringing it to my office, but then I abandoned it for nearly two weeks around Christmas, and it appeared to die completely--no leaves, just straw-like brown shoots sticking up. I inserted the "Plant Nanny" bulb that I got for Christmas, but the plant just seemed too far gone.

I planned to pitch it, but while I procrastinated about buying a replacement, it slowly started to resurrect. First a solitary leaf, then three, then five, and now seven! I also love having fresh flowers on my desk. Matt buys me flowers at a frequency most women would envy, and since Charlotte would chew them to bits if I left them at home, they get to come decorate my office. I also get to appreciate them more here. Pics of Kate are also essential, of course, and I have about fifteen on display.

And speaking of cute little creatures... Stitch! He makes me smile.
This sign isn't actually in my office, but it often makes me laugh. It's a PSA-type thing about how to avoid getting or spreading the flu. I can't help but notice how being home sick by yourself (left) is actually pretty lovely--fresh, clean sheets, a nice glass of OJ and a book, oh and maybe a sniffle here and there--but being home with a sick child (right) is utter misery.
When you get down to it, though, no amount of office happies can make Monday bearable if you don't like your job. Which is why I am always grateful to look at the shelf of books I've edited, or my to-do list full of (mostly) worthwhile tasks and be reminded how fortunate I am to have a job I love.
What are your Mondays like?


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I have a little corner of happiness on my desk I like to call it. I have several of my favorite photos displayed using one of those metal desk "fan" type things (for lack of technical name!) I also have some favorite cards and things that make me smile hanging on my bulletin board and a fun photo mousepad and ALWAYS a photo that makes me smile as my desktop.

Yeah I don't like Mondays either. ;)

SpeasHill said...

My Mondays are like every other day! :) 3 small mammals to care for, 2 therapies, and some snuggle time with the cutest of the mammals. I also love my job. If only it came with health benefits...

Eunece said...

I also have toys in my working space since my kid put a /playground on it=)


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