Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Body is Revolting

Not in the adjectival sense (I hope!) but rather it feels like my body is revolting against me lately. Since I stopped breastfeeding (pumping) two months ago, various changes have been taking place. I suppose this is to be expected, since the body does crazy things when you become pregnant, then when you give birth and start lactating, but it seems surprising and frustrating now; I guess because this is the time when things are supposed to be “getting back to normal.”

First off, the boob situation. I’m not going to go into huge detail about this, but suffice it to say that I thought all the rumors were untrue and that somehow the way of all womanhood (and the way of gravity) would not apply to me. I was wrong. This old post from my friend Amy’s blog keeps coming to mind. (sigh.)

Next, I noticed that my skin was breaking out more. Stupid hormones.

Third, my restless legs have returned. I suffered for years from Restless Leg Syndrome (aren’t you glad the pharmaceutical companies finally gave us a name for it?) but noticed at some point during the last year that I hadn’t experienced it lately--like since giving birth. This might be a stretch, but I know muscle aches are sometimes caused by lactic acid pooling in the muscles, and my lactose has been focused elsewhere for the past year. Sound plausible?

On top of it all, I've just plain felt like crap half the time for the past few weeks.

Then again, the only baby weight I'm carrying around goes to day care three days a week, so maybe I'll just channel what you're probably thinking right now and shut up about it.


Katie Bug said...

I'm with you on the deflated boobies and adolescent-like skin. I have never been any where near well endowed, but during pregnancy and nursing I thought my chest size was perfect for my body type. I really enjoyed filling out bras and shirts. Now, though, I'm back to baggy bras and shirts.
The acne is driving me crazy, too. My Ob/Gyn promised me that going back on the pill would help get things under control. I haven't seen proof of that yet.

SpeasHill said...

Hormones are crazy. After I had Becca, I broke out on the left side of my body. All over the left side, but only on the left side. Weird. HOpefully you'll balance out in time and feel better! I never did return to my former shape, but I did start feeling better eventually!


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