Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Marriage Ref

Has anybody else watched that new show "The Marriage Ref" yet? We watched the first episode, just to see what it's all about. The premise is that three celebrity guests watch a videotaped segment profiling a couple's disagreement. For example: former cop likes getting pedicures, waxing his chest hair, etc., wife thinks it's unmanly and a turn-off. The three celebrities comment on the situation and give their verdict as to who is right, and the show's host makes the final decision. It was mildly entertaining.

Anyway, all that to say that your responses to the first-ever Parsonage Family Poll, regarding whether Tom Cruise is a romantic or a nut-job for his couch-jumping antics, have given the final verdict to Matt and my disagreement on the subject. 26% of you agreed with me, that such a public, dramatic display of affection is romantic, but 74% said the famous Oprah-incident was annoying/insane.

I still like enthusiastic displays of affection, but I will here and now publicly relent and admit that--on this particular issue--Matt is right.

Thanks for your help in deciding this issue for us. Don't you wish you could have a third-party panel help arbitrate some of your relationship disputes? What issues would you ask the panel to decide on?

(P.S. You might have seen Matt's post here yesterday about the baby photo contest going on on Facebook. If you live in the Nashville area and might be able to take advantage of the prize--a free photo shoot--consider entering your child, and if not--vote for Kate! You have to become a fan of the photographer in order to vote, and Kate is on page 2, holding her giraffes :0)


Matt Kelley said...

three greatest words in the english langugage: "matt. is. right"

Katie Bug said...

I watched "The Marriage Ref" debut, and was not impressed. The host and panel both seemed way too scripted to me.
We really only have one revolving issue in our home: Is Rachel obsessed with neatness or is Jeremy too lax with neatness? I would love to have a neutral panel make a call on this one!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

I think a lot of households have that issue, Rachel. I side with you!

SpeasHill said...

I need arbitration on the issue of whether or not is it possible to clean house while taking care of/nurturing/shuttling to therapy a toddler. And on whether or not the previous sentence is grammatically correct (in English).


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