Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Less Words Wednesday--Grandpa

I'm glad he got to meet her.And she got to meet him.And now she'll know How special he thought she was.

My Grandpa died yesterday at the age of 95 1/2. I didn't want him to go.

That's what I keep saying, through the tears. I know there should be a "yet" on that statement, since he had to go sometime, and given his age, probably sometime soon, but I just wasn't ready for him to go.


Rachel H. Evans said...

So sorry for your loss. These pictures are beautiful, and no doubt Kate will always know how much Grandpa loved her! (I still treasure the pictures I have of me with my grandparents.)

Katie Bug said...

I'm very sorry for your loss. I agree that the pictures of Kate and your Grandpa are wonderful. The video is a treasure, too.

tearzamariebaggett said...

Im very sorry Jessica. How awesome though that Kate got to meet him and he meet her?! I never knew my great grandfathers unfortunately and I know I would have loved to have those pictures. :)

SpeasHill said...

The video brought tears to my eyes, and the photos are priceless as well. I never got to meet my great-grandparents, so I'm awfully glad Kate will have the pictures and video to help her remember him. He is precious as well! We will be thinking about you and your family!


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