Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's All Grand, and It's All Green!

I know I promised at Valentine's that I don't go as nuts with St. Patty's Day as I do with Valentine's, and it's true, in that I don't decorate the house for St. P's as I do St. V's, but I still love dressing for minor holidays, and in my book, you HAVE to wear green on St. Patrick's Day. (Even though we're Protestants, and therefore my Dad says we should wear orange.)

Green has long been my favorite color, minus about a ten-year hiatus because I was a foolish and impressionable child. Basically, my kindergarten best friend told me that green shouldn't be my favorite color "because green is the color of slime." (This was in the days of "You Can't Do That On Television.")
So, my favorite color became pink.

Anyway, I realized today that I really love seeing green everywhere. Even traffic lights and road signs gained a new lustre. I loved walking Kate into day care and seeing all the little kids and teachers wearing their green, and was sincerely disappointed that not as many adults care about this. I gave our business manager a string of shamrock mardi-gras beads I had around, so he wouldn't get pinched. Sadly, I did not have enough beads for all the party-poopers among my colleagues. They informed me that green suits my coloring while it makes them look like, well, slime.
I think Kate looks pretty good in green too. We took lots of pictures of us in our green tonight, and I was reminded of doing the same last year. Amazing how much she's changed. (I, on the other hand, am still wearing the same twinset and necklace.)
Sweet girl. (Check out that molar!)Sweet girl turns cranky after a while. (Molar coming in on the other side :0( She got cranky during last year's photo shoot too. . . . . . so Uncle Andrew (who lives in New Jersey) made us this:Loving Daddy (wearing what we call his "IRA bomber" hat) made us a nice beer-basted beef stew in the crock pot, and we listened to Riverdance while we ate.

I hope you had a fun St. Patrick's Day, curling up with a Guinness and nice Irish lassie or lad.


Katie Bug said...

Such fun pics! Katie Bug has that dress, too.
There was a shocking lack of green at our young adult Bible study tonight. I was really suprised.

Amy said...

Kate is so cute! How can you stand it? (The bomber hat made me laugh -too funny.)

SpeasHill said...

What a fun day! I do think you look different in this year's picture - more relaxed (and probably more rested!). Becca wore plenty of green, but she didn't have a real St. Patrick's Day kelly green outfit...though I seriously considered getting last year's dress out of the attic - I think it would still fit! Kate's hair is getting long!


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