Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Really Cheap

When someone compliments your new shirt, do you...

a) say "thanks" and let them think you paid $29.99 for it at Ann Taylor Loft?
b) proudly announce that you got it for $1 on Target's clearance rack (possibly even before they complimented you on it... ahem)

If you chose option b, you might be like me, and that means you might be kinda cheap (or as some advertiser recently coined, you might be a "frugalista." I like that term better).

I admit that the $1 top for myself was actually a fluke, and that most of my bargain-shopping is for Kate. She needs new clothes a lot more often than I do, so it only makes sense!

The other night, I went to a great semi-annual children's consignment sale that I look forward to every (half) year, and got four dresses, three pairs of shorts, two tops, and two sets of jammies for Kate for under $30. Wa-hoo!! If you live near Clarksville, it's still going on at the union hall on Union Hall Rd. ... today is 25% off, and tomorrow and Saturday are 50% off. If you don't live near Clarksville, is a good place to find sales going on in your area.

Ebay is my other main bargain-hunting zone. Even there, though, I'm pretty hard core about how much I'll pay. Yes, it's still a good deal at half-off retail price, but if I'm going to consider it a deal, I won't go above about a third of retail price (including shipping). Another mommy from Kate's class told Matt the other day how she got a $120 Strasburg Easter dress on ebay for $30 or something. He didn't remember how the subject came up, so I can only assume this mommy is another loud-and-proud cheapskate :0)

For diapers and other baby gear, I always go with because they do free shipping on every order over $49 (which is easy to get to when you're buying diapers, wipes, etc.) Use the referral code JKELLEY and you'll get $10 off your first order! (If you use the code, I'll get a few diaper-dollars myself, and then you can set up a referral code to give your friends too!)

The Mom Creative (my favorite blog--I've said it before and I'll say it again!) often features money-saving tips and websites. I think she is the one who turned me on to, and also Swagbucks, which gives you points for using their Google-powered search engine, and you can spend your points on gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, etc. The other day, she mentioned, which sends you one e-mail each day with a special deal specific to your hometown, like a $50 gift card to a local spa for only $25. I haven't taken them up on any of the deals yet but I'm sure there will be something soon I can really use (not that I couldn't use a spa massage, but you know :0) As I always say... it's not a deal if you don't really need it!

But if you do need some stuff, like clothes or diapers or books from Amazon, these are the best tricks I have up my sleeve. What are yours?


SpeasHill said...

I definitely tell everyone about a deal I'm wearing! I'm very proud!

Katie Bug said...

I buy a lot of Katelyn's clothes from Kid to Kid. They have stores across the nation, but I'm not positive if they're in your area or not. I also take clothes to them to sell, so we always have store credit there (they'll give you 10% more for you items if you take store credit over cash). Yesterday, we bought a pair of Pediped boots for next year at $20!
I've tried the huge consignment sales once or twice, but I couldn't stand the crowds and lines.
Swagbucks is my friend, too! I use my points for Amazon gift cards.
We also use the Pampers Gifts to Grow program.
My husband taught me that "you're not saving money if you didn't intend/need to spend it." Those words have saved me many a dollar!

Amy said...

Groupon is really cool. I haven't used one yet either, but as soon as the right one comes along I will.

I go in fits and starts with bring frugal, and I'm probably never frugal the way a truly frugal person would define it.


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