Monday, March 01, 2010


This girl's smile is highly contagious. Unfortunately, so is her stomach bug.

Kate had the bug last week. Not too too badly, overall--she threw up a couple times Tuesday night and Wednesday night--enough to make me worry, but that doesn't take much :0)

Thursday morning, the issues had retreated to her "other end," if you catch my drift, but Matt had the bug in full force--so bad, he insisted I leave work midday to come home and care for Kate since it was Daddy-Daughter Day but he was totally indisposed.

Friday, Matt was still really sick, but Kate seemed fine, so she went to day care and that evening, she and I left as planned for a weekend in Louisville visiting my parents and grandparents.

After two days of Pedialyte, Kate still had a little bit of other-end-issues Saturday morning, but seemed pretty good overall. Her appetite was returning, and we had a fun day playing and visiting my grandparents, both in their nineties.

By Sunday night, however, as Kate and I returned home--both my parents and grandparents had caught the bug. I feel really bad, and pray they all get better soon, especially my grandparents. Obviously, any illness at that age is dangerous.

Somehow, I am the only one who hasn't succumbed to The Great Stomach Plague of 2010, and I credit the shot of apple cider vinegar our unit assistant recommended I drink to boost my immunity. It may be an old-school remedy, but as the only one who's stayed above the fray... I'm a believer.


Rachel H. Evans said...

Oh no! I hope everyone feels better soon.

Just wanted to say that after I saw this picture in my Google Reader, I couldn't stop smiling. Kate sure is a charmer!

SpeasHill said...

Yuck! I do hope every feels better soon! Not that I'm obsessed with germs or anything (ha!), but it's good to consider yourself (or your child) contagious until 24 hours after either "end" issues have resolved. I'm impressed with your super immunity!

tearzamariebaggett said...

oh im so sorry- i had that right at the end of my pregnancy and it was terrible!!! my dad had it worse. its does pass though relatively soon so thats the good news.
im glad they're better, hope your family gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Sickies are the worst.... trust me I KNOW. We have been sick non stop for three months!


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