Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project Life (Valentine's Week)

I like holidays. Even little ones. I make homemade decorations and festive meals and wear clothes in the holiday's "official" colors.

So, this was Valentine's Week in our house. I wore red and pink (as did Kate) and made valentines by hand and used my new Photoshop skills to make a fun digital valentine. So sue me :0)

Monday 2/8: This is our mantle. I made the heart garland a couple years ago. Sometimes it hangs over our bed, and sometimes on the mantle. The mantle (and house in general) looked so bare after I took down Kate's b-day party decorations, the den needed a little something. Tuesday 2/9: We had our third snow of the year, and as usual, I was obsessive about figuring out the road conditions. This was about 6:50 in the morning. Matt was outside taking pictures of the snow and brushing off the DirecTV dish with a broom (so that I could watch the local news reports) when I trudged out in a sweatshirt and boots over my paisley pajamas to check the street's ice-to-snow ratio.
Wednesday 2/10: Kate has been fussy a lot lately because of her molars coming in. She didn't want to go to bed, but just sat and cuddled with me for a while. She doesn't often sit still, so it was a precious moment. After ten minutes or so, when I said "Are you ready to get in bed?" and gestured to her crib, she sat straight up on my lap, and when I sat her down in her crib, she laid right down and went to sleep.
Thursday 2/11: I took a three-hour Photoshop class through a local community education program. I took some design classes a couple years ago, and learned Illustrator and InDesign pretty well, but I'd only dabbled in Photoshop, and really wanted to learn. It was a great class!
At left, I turned an ordinary day on Lake Geneva into a gorgeous afternoon in Cozumel! At right, I made some improvements on an awkward family shot from Kate's birthday. I know this isn't "Highlights for Children," but can you spot the five changes? :0)
Friday 2/12: Kate had a little Valentine party at school. She brought home a lot of loot! (Well, the polka-dotted bag was from Granna and Opa, but still...) She loves playing with paper, so greeting cards and valentines were right up her alley.
Saturday 2/13: Matt and I went out for a Valentine's date at a Japanese hibachi restaurant, but the only pic was a bad one from my cell. During the day, though, we just hung out at home with Kate. (All Saturdays are special because of that!) Here, Kate is sitting on her stool that Popi made her, playing with her block-box (she likes to take the lid off and put it back on, over and over), and making a funny face.
Sunday 2/14: After church, I made grilled cheese sandwiches cut into heart shapes. I was super-proud of my Martha Stewartiness, but I think this is about where my cheeseballsiness hits its limit.
Fortunately, it was the last day of V-week, and I don't go near as crazy for St. Patrick's Day.


Rene' Sharp said...

I love your photos this week. Love the fact that you added a few Valentines decorations to your house. I want to try and do a bit of decorating for the Easter period this year!

K said...

I really like your pictures, the snow-photo is so cool, your children are going to love it 20 years from now.

dawn said...

I love all your pictures this week. It's nice to add Valentine around the house, I did the same this year too. Your daughter is precious.

Matt Kelley said...

But think of what lovely decorations you could make for a keg of Guinness for St. Patty's Day!

Katie Bug said...

Loved your "Highlights" reference! The heart shaped grilled cheese is super cute.


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