Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Project Life (Jan. 25-31)

The defining event of this week was Kate's birthday, but I did have four days of work and "ordinary life" before my nice long weekend to celebrate the big O-N-E!

Monday 1/25: I finished organizing the Circuit Rider closet, making sure to have one copy of each issue (since 2002, at least) in my office for safekeeping. I had put this task off for weeks--nay, months--because I thought it would take forever to sort through the many boxes of back issues stacked in there, but it actually went pretty quickly, and--oh!--how I love to organize! Tuesday 1/26: Our friend Tearza had her baby on Monday, and we went to visit her and baby Emery in the hospital Tuesday night before Roundtable Pulpit. It was the first time I'd been back in the maternity ward since our own stay there not-quite-a-year ago, and it really took me back. Ah, memories! And congrats to the Baggetts!!
Wednesday 1/27: My second-to-last day of pumping. I know it may seem crazy, but this breastfeeding adventure has been so meaningful to me this past year. The "pump parts tray" has been just one of the ever-present reminders of my pumping regimen. Washing the pump parts 8...7...6...5...4...3...2...and this week just 1 time per day, they dry on this tray, which sits on top of the fridge. (The stapler is for attaching "use by" tags to grocery bags of ten milk-bags before putting them in the deep freeze.)

Thursday 1/28: Kate's first birthday!! I know I posted this picture of our ice cream outing the other day, but it's my favorite. I love special memories with my girl!

Friday 1/29: I took the day off work to prepare for Kate's party. We enjoyed lunch with Kate at her day care, and I always love seeing Daddy and Kate having fun together. Matt is such an amazing dad.

Saturday 1/30: Kate's birthday bash. Here we are--Mommy, Baby, and Daddy. I know it sounds cheesy and Cleaver-y, but I love being a family.
Sunday 1/31: Kate got so many new toys, I don't know how to organize our family room now. Nonetheless, I thought it was fun to pile Kate and all her new toys in her wagon and pull her around. She had a fever the day after her party (perhaps due to a sugar-overdose supressing her immune system?) but still had fun playing with her new toys.
Can't believe she's now officially a one-year-old!!


Rene' Sharp said...

What fabulous photos, you have such a sweet family!

Megan said...

Such great photo! Happy birthday to Kate!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Kate! I have a 16 month old and it just gets more and more fun!

Jessica Turner said...

Happy birthday to Kate!

Anonymous said...

Such sweet photos of your little birthday girl!

Susan said...

Wow, these were great! Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday Kate!

Karina @ The Vader Family said...

Happy Birthday to Kate!
My daughter has the same pajamas. :)


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