Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Project Life (Feb.1-Feb.7)

After two very wordy posts (one with an unusual amount of soul-baring for this blog), it's time for more cute baby pics with this week's Project Life!

Actually, Kate wasn't feeling very cute this week (though she still was, of course :0) She had a fever off and on the entire week! It started Sunday, the day after her party, and then it bobbled along all week. It would break and stay 99 or below for most of a day, then go back up to 101 or 102--very frustrating.

Monday 2/1: Day care rules say that a child has to stay home until she's been fever-free for 24 hours, so she would have had to stay home Monday even if the fever had gone away overnight. But it didn't. She was kind of cranky, but still active enough to climb into her wagon all by herself! She can raise her leg over the 10-12 inch high rim of the wagon to climb in--pretty impressive for someone who's only 29 inches tall!

Tuesday 2/2: What with the snow and up-in-the-air plans over Kate's b-day weekend, I totally forgot one element of the celebration I'd planned. So, Matt and I just did it on our own tonight. In honor of Kate's birthday, we assembled birthing kits for UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief. The birthing kits contain supplies to help women in developing countries give birth more safely. UMCOR is in desperate need of health kits for Haiti now (instructions here). We had already purchased the supplies for the birthing kits, but I'm sure there are some pregnant women in Haiti without a hospital to give birth in now.

Wednesday 2/3: Granna babysat tonight while Mommy and Daddy both did a little to help make the world a better place. I helped sort cans at Second Harvest (thank you to my friend Paula who read my lament about not getting off my butt and serving more and invited me to join her!) while Matt joined the counter-protest at Austin Peay State University. Judy Shepard (Matthew Shepard's mother) was there speaking about hate-crimes legislation and rumor had it that Fred Phelps and his crew (the hate group that pickets at soldiers' funerals) would be there, so over 1000 students, clergy, and others went out to support Judy and promote acceptance of all people.
Thursday 2/4: I went to visit baby Emery (and her parents, but we all know who the star of the show is now!) She's so tiny--still a half pound lighter at 10 days old than Kate was at birth!
Friday 2/5: I didn't go to the Blissdom blogger's conference, but I did meet up with a sweet new blog friend there for lunch. I get over to the Opryland Hotel just once or twice a year, and it always brings back great memories of Matt and my first date (at the hotel's Italian restaurant) and our first wedding anniversary (when we returned to the scene of the crime). If you've never been there, it's amazing--a huge hotel and convention center with indoor gardens, restaurants of every variety--you can definitely get lost in there!
Saturday 2/6: After a year of exclusive pumping and bottle-feeding, I boiled everything to sterilize it before putting it away until the next baby!
Sunday 2/7: Super Bowl Sunday! I don't really care about (or even "get") football, but I do like big events and creative commercials, so I made some chicken corn chowder and a platter full of snacks, and we gathered 'round the tube to watch the big game. Matt's a Colts fan (having gone to school in Indy) and I'm a Saints fan (having relatives in New Orleans with connections to the Saints--my Granny had WhoDat fleur-de-lis earrings, I fondly recall...)
Matt and I love rooting against one another in big sporting events. We're a Yankees/BoSox mixed-marriage, and enjoy any excuse to be sassy with each other. We have lots of fun :0)
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Sonya said...

Cute pictures! My husband and I are a mixed baseball family. I'm a Cardinals fan and he's a Cubs fan! Makes it interesting!

Rene' Sharp said...

I love your photos for this week!

Susan said...

GREAT shots of your week. I enjoyed this♥

Matt Kelley said...

It would have been cool if you had gotten some pictures of Tea Partiers at the Opryland Hotel. A woman in a Snoopy t-shirt saying something racist, for example...

Karina @ The Vader Family said...

Cool pictures! Baby Emery is sooo cute.

Beth Olson said...

Great pictures this week! Hope Kate is feeling better. I just love the picture of her in her wagon!


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