Friday, February 12, 2010

Handmade Valentines

I thought Kate would be in kindergarten before I was doing craft projects for her school, but I ended up making eleven valentines for the one year olds' valentine exchange. My goodness.

Yes, it seems silly, but it seemed sillier to spend $5 on a box of Dora the Explorer valentines when I could just make some with craft supplies I already had. But, being me, I couldn't just fold a piece of paper in half, write "Happy Valentine's Day" and be done with it, so I thought I'd share the cute and creative--yet easy--valentines I made.

Start by making a template with a rectantular piece of paper or cardstock. Fold it in half and cut a half-heart shape in the side, so that when you unfold it, you have a rectangle with two half-heart "ears." Cut out as many of these as you need in a fun, valentine-y paper. On each one, cut a notch along each side, as if you were going to cut the half-hearts off, but only go halfway. On one side, start at the top; on the other, start at the bottom. (as indicated below)
Bring the half-hearts together and slide the notches together to form one heart.
Flatten and crease the edges so that the heart is centered on top. (Or, if you were doing a longer rectangle, it could be off-center. That might look cool. Mine were square when finished, though.)
I knocked these out in less than an hour, and I think they're super-cute!

I kept having flash-forwards to late nights in 2017 when I'm losing sleep putting the finishing touches on a diarama of an early Cherokee village or making ladybug costumes for the class play. I'm sure one day I will regret making myself known as the "crafty mom" of the classroom, but for now, it's just another joy of mommyhood.


Susan said...

How neat!! Thanks for sharing!

Katie Bug said...

Very cute! I'm glad I will never be mistaken for the "craftsy mom"!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Sure you could, Rachel! The name banner and photo garlands you made for Katelyn are awesome!


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