Monday, February 15, 2010

Free Books!!

My husband Matt is giving away a copy of Matthew Paul Turner's new book Hear No Evil on his blog, The Truth as Best I Know It.

If you're not familiar with MPT, he is the author of many engaging church-and-culture books, and husband of awesome scrapbooker/PR-guru/mommy-blogger Jessica Turner, of The Mom Creative. (Yes, they are another Nashville-based Jessica & Matthew pair with an adorable toddler, a house full of scrapbooks, regular books, and snarky humor.)

MPT is a terrific writer with a fascinating religious journey from his fundamentalist Baptist childhood (so strict and averse to pop culture that he had to cover his ears when a popular song came on over the loudspeaker at Sea World) to his career in the Contemporary Christian Music industry and beyond. Hear No Evil is the musical side of that journey--a mini memoir in song. As Matt said, it's sort of "the literary version of a concept album," with stories from the intersections of faith and music throughout his life.
The book is laugh-out-loud funny in parts, and also quite touching in others. It brought back great memories of listening to Amy Grant and Sandi Patti tapes in the car with my mom as a kid. (The book actually made me feel like less of a dork for still liking those albums! I just wish I still had a tape player to play them in!)

Anyway, go leave a comment (or multiple comments for multiple chances) on Matt's blog, or (since it's only $10-11) buy it yourself from Cokesbury or Amazon.

Also, if you're the gadgety sort and have a Kindle, Change the World (Mike Slaughter's new book on positioning your church for social action) is free on Kindle this week!

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