Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project Life (Jan. 18-24)

This is Kate's last full week as an "infant" (i.e. under one year old) and she is more than ready for full-fledged toddlerhood. Her toddling is so steady and fast, she can now practically run!

Monday 1/18: I had the day off for MLK Day, and Kate had her first play date (outside day care, of course) with Becca Hill.
Tuesday 1/19: Now that the cold snap is over, we hung the swing Kate got for Christmas. She likes swinging, and giggles all the way :0)
Wednesday 1/20: When Matt walked into Kate's classroom at day care last Wednesday, the first words out of his mouth were "why does my daughter look like Pebbles Flintstone?" Her teacher had given her a ponytail on the top of her head. It was cute, though as the paranoid woman that I am, I'm now assuming that the teacher is judging me for letting Kate's hair fall into her face. I've been wondering if it's time for Kate's first haircut (how do you know?) but if we give her bangs now, they will be a pain to grow out later, so we'll wait. (When she'll tolerate a hair clip, it looks really cute swept to the side!)

Thursday 1/21: Sweet potatoes + tired baby = goopy orange face.
Friday 1/22: Not wanting to buy another shadowbox, I combined our "dating/engagement" and "wedding" shadowboxes and freed up one to display Kate's newborn items: the wristbands and cap from the hospital, a cross from her baptism, monogrammed bib (too cute to let her spit sweet potatoes on!), and a teething ring that was my mother's from 1951.

Saturday 1/23: Saw a pizzeria scene in a movie on TV, decided that's what we should do for dinner. And because I'm a mean mommy, I brought along green beans for Kate to eat along with her pizza! (Contrary to what the picture might imply, she was reaching right over the beans to get the greasiest pizza I've ever seen. (oh, and a year ago today was our due date.)

Sunday 1/24: We finally have a church nursery! Albeit, there were only two children in it, but I appreciate them setting it up. It was nice to be able to pay attention in worship for the first time in ages, and Kate had fun with her sitters and fellow toddler!
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Susan said...

Your daughter is adorable!

Love your shadow box~

Katie Bug said...

Love that shadow box! The photo of Kate and her daddy tucked into her hospital cap is super cute.
Yay for a church nursery, too!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from Jessica's blog. Your Thursday pic is so precious. I miss those days.

Jessica Turner said...

I love shadow boxes!

Sonya said...

I love your shadow box!

SpeasHill said...

Love the sweet potato picture! And the one with that cute Becca Hill, too. ;)

Megan said...

I love that shadow box! I have been wanting to do one for our wedding. I even bought a box I just haven't done it. I would love to see the one you combined!

Nothingcanseperate said...

Love your shadow box, so sweet. I love them and always mean to them but never do! I need to get on that, thanks for reminding me!!

That's Who I Am said...

kate is adorable! Her face is so cute when she is eating the sweet potatoes! Great week of pictures:)

Erin said...

That shadow box is really neat! It's nice to find another fellow Nashville resident!


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