Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project Life (Jan. 11-17)

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Monday 1/11: Only a couple weeks left until Kate's birthday, so we've been doing a lot of reminiscing. These are her Pedipeds that she wears most days.

Tuesday 1/12: I know it's early, but my work on Kate's birthday party decorations is well underway. I'm trying to save pics of the full effect until closer to the party, but here's another sneak peek!

Wednesday 1/13: We got takeout from Outback with a gift card we got for Christmas. It was awesome. I had the Sweet Glazed Pork Tenderloin. Wow. Kate liked it too. She eats just about everything we eat, so she got pork, steak, mashed potatoes, sweet potato, and green beans out of this deal. Yum.
Thursday 1/14: Our little thug likes to play with blocks. She's in the stage developmentally where she loves putting things inside of other things. This includes the trash can, so we have to check periodically for blocks, balls, and even bottles that she has deposited.
Friday 1/15: I didn't take a picture today, and I'm not in the mood to fudge it and substitute another pic. (Not that I sometimes do that or anything... ahem.) We got together with our friend Paula this evening at The Whiskey Kitchen (new place, good reviews). We hadn't seen each other in months, so it was great to reconnect!

Saturday 1/16: The party prep continues. In future years, we'll probably have to go with a "Dora" or "Hello Kitty" theme (or whatever Kate is into throughout the twenty-teens) but this year, I'm just going with a fun color scheme: red, pink, gold, and turquoise. (As you see, the invite is sparse on info. This is because it's mainly for souvenir/scrapbooking purposes. The grandparents already know our address!)
Sunday 1/17: Kate and I had a big time playing with tupperware. Lots of squealing and baby-giggles. Music to my ears :0)


Susan said...

Wow, these were great. Loved the party invite!! So neat...

Enjoyed my visit.

Have a great week~

PS Your daughter is adorable♥

Katie Bug said...

I really like the color scheme you chose for Kate's birthday. We aren't doing a character birthday this year for the same reasons you mentioned!

Nothingcanseperate said...

Cute! Your party items are so pretty, love it! Having our baby's 2nd birthday party on the 30th and she HAD to have Mickey...again. For my first daughters first, we didn't do a character, for the same reason as you, but this baby has been crazy about Mickey and minnie for awhile. Found some cute ways to still make it girly and fun though :) Have fun with it!

brad & lesley said...

Linked to you from Jessica's blog... your pictures are great, and your daughter? Stinkin' adorable! Happy early birthday to her! Especially love the tupperware picture. Why do we spend so much on toys?!?! :)


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