Saturday, January 30, 2010

Katestravaganza, part 2

We started Day 2 of Katestravaganza with a visit to the pediatrician's office for Kate's one-year checkup. The waiting room was surprisingly sparse (compared to the usual cattle-car type arrangement), which may have been because we were among the very first appointments of the day, but also because there was yet another big snow-scare going on, with schools closed and everything, though not a single flake had yet fallen. Thankfully, the doctor's office had not decided to preemptively close, nor did Kate's day care. I like snow in general, but was praying it would hold off this time so we could still have Kate's party.

She weighs just shy of 21 pounds (20 lb, 15 oz) and is 29 inches long/tall. Both of those are right at the 50th percentile, and we didn't ask about her head, but I'm sure it's still on the big side, as it has been all along. (Big brain!)

She did some yoga moves while waiting for her shots. As you see, her bottle is still in the picture (both literally and figuratively). The doctor told us just to "throw it away" and make her switch to the sippy cold-turkey.
She had to get a finger-stick to draw blood. She was not crazy about that, but she got a "Charlie Brown in Space" band-aid, which she kept trying to pull off.

Then we took Kate on to school, where they were having an open house and parents could hang out and eat lunch with their kids. So, it was fun to watch Kate play with her little friends at school. Her teachers kept saying how independent she is, and she proved it by not really caring if we were even there! She played and sat and ate as normal, barely paying any attention to us!
We brought a cookie cake for the little bears to share in honor of Kate's birthday. They wear big T-shirts when they eat, since they offer more coverage than bibs. The other kids all kept their piece on their napkin between bites, and created hardly any crumbs, but Kate had crumbs strewn all across her end of the table. She's a messy eater, like Mommy.
I spent the rest of the day baking and decorating cakes for Kate's party and visiting with my parents, who had come down early from Louisville to beat the snow. While we decorated and chatted, however, the snow started falling... and falling... and falling...
This morning, mere hours before Kate's party was supposed to begin, we woke up to almost 7 inches of snow on not just the grass, but the roads as well. My dad and Matt have shoveled the drive, but it would take a lot of shoveling to clear the way for Matt's parents to get here from Brentwood, so at the moment, the party is on hold until the roads clear up--hopefully by tomorrow. For normally inflexible me, I'm remarkably relaxed. I'm so excited for the party, but with all the preparations in place, there's nothing to do but wait.
The decorations are up...The cakes are decorated... The presents are wrapped...
The table is set...And the food is even cooking...But for now, we're just watching and waiting.


Katie Bug said...

Using big t-shirts instead of bibs is a great idea! We may have to start that when Bug eats pasta or avacado.
Your tissue poms look great!

Amy said...

Everything looks so adorable! Love the cakes.

It snowed on Matthew's birtday too, and I was so worried. We had only two of his little friends show in the afternoon, but the evening family party was at full attendance!

It should be much better tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Kate!

Amy said...

Matthew weighed 30 lbs on his 1st birthday...I can't recall his height in inches, but it was off the chart.



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