Saturday, January 09, 2010

Kate in the Snow

Like much of the nation, we had snow in Middle Tennessee this week. As usual, there was much panicking, and all the schools announced their closures Wednesday night for just the threat of snow, before a single flake had fallen! I'll admit, I actually succumbed to some of the snow-anxiety (or SNOMG, as one Nashville blogger called it) and was nervous to drive in it, at least with Kate in the car, even though I realize how ridiculous this is!

Our day care didn't close, but when I drove into the parking lot Friday morning and saw only one car, I was definitely worried I'd missed the memo. She was the first one in her class (or the surrounding classes) to arrive, but a few others eventually made it.

Though the grass was not even covered, I still had to take Kate outside to experience her first snow (since the day of her birth, anyway). I bundled her up in her coat, hat, socks-as-mittens, sweater, and BabyLegs, all on top of her fleece footie jammies. She just took it all in, and seemed to enjoy it until she did a face plant and got snow on her face. All in all, it's been an enjoyable "blizzard."

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Kristen said...

CUTIE PIE! Love that sweet face.


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